5 tips to use an online ordering system for a restaurant to amplify the sales

online ordering system for restaurants

Profitability is what every business in the world strives hard for from the day of its inception and is the main motive of every enterprise/business. Getting the nerve of business techniques to enhance sales and eventually revenue without augmenting the expenses is an added exploration of a business. It helps to cross the line of instability and enjoy entry into a wealthier state when returns are fanciful. 


When it comes to restaurants, the world seems to be still battling between the online delivery system and traditional marketing when spreading pamphlets about restaurants in the local regions was the only tactic in the name of marketing. The restaurant business world hasn’t evolved yet out of the injuries of the pandemic. And the healing process still seems to be far off as online ordering or personal visits to restaurants are not even 50% of the figures that used to be before the pandemic. 


Lately, the online ordering system for restaurants has turned out to be life-supporting, though the high percentage of commissions by third-party apps is turning the survival hard for them. 


Can there be any sign of relief for restaurants to increase their sales? 


This article aims to be an eye-opener for restaurant owners, as with the use of a food ordering system, they can increase sales and get more access to their target customers. 


With the new trend of off-premise dining spreading like a fire beyond the boundaries and globally, online ordering is in the question as to how it can change the figures of sales of restaurants towards the higher side of a graph.  

A brief intro to the online ordering system-


Online ordering is the phenomenon of buying food from the brand website of a restaurant or its mobile applicationFoods ordered from restaurants are prepared to be instantly edible requiring no cooking further along with appropriate packing to maintain their essence and condition. 


Online ordering practice has been at its all-time peak during the pandemic when it mounted beyond 100% and now is the option for all restaurant brands for its marketing and sales to flourish beyond the figures of returns that every restaurant aims at. 


How favorable online ordering is to a restaurant? Is it a better pick? 


Experts, based on the results in the past two years, rate online ordering practice for restaurants to be 10/10 provided you practice it properly. It has been a revolution and a great tool to widen the reach of restaurants without increasing the expenditure on recruiting more staff.


Clients enjoy more connections with the restaurants along with having a comfy ordering experience needing just a few clicks on one’s smartphone. With more advantages and insignificant disadvantages, the online ordering system has only benefits to offer to the sinking restaurant businesses.  


Is all a restaurant needs to adapt to an online ordering system? Is the job done and there would be no looking back for it?


The answer to the above question is No, you got to choose the right and customized food ordering system along with learning the tactics to escalate the sales. Scroll down to learn ways to enhance sales of restaurants with online ordering – 


Ways to Boost Restaurant Sales with Online Ordering

In the digital age, it is observed that 60% of the customer today prefer to munch or relish their favorite cuisines at their place which is why delivery or takeaway is preferred over dine-in. Tables of restaurants are not occupied or reserved as they used to be before as dine-in is overruled by take-away or delivery and restaurants are respiring on them more.

Digitalization of restaurants has led to feeding big chunks to solutions by the third party.
They, with a bone of making the reach of a restaurant to more regions and customers, charge a handsome percentage of revenue to a restaurant in the form of a fair commission. However, many restaurants that do not allow others to snatch their money have opted for their website and mobile app food ordering solution to benefit customers and themselves in a better way.

Some effective modes to boost sales of the restaurant – 

Check out 5 important ways to increase sales with an online ordering system at your restaurant-

  1. Launch your website ordering

This is the key to curbing the unfair commission charged by a third-party app. Moreover, a third-party app makes a restaurant lame i.e. it has to depend upon it for some urgent piece of work concerning its restaurant’s profile or services.

Establish your business’s website ordering system which will allow you to work on your terms and maintain flexibility in controlling the delivery price, menu updates, time slot, etc. Be your boss with end-to-end control over your restaurant online delivery system. With this, you can make the changes in your website as per the need of time to be ahead of curves or to take advantage of the time when possibilities of your sales are high.

2 – Go for the mobile ordering app also 

Mobile, the handiest gadget, is what people of all ages, from children to adults, are obsessed with and are versed with its functioning well. In the last few years, returns from mobile app ordering have crossed billions, which in incomings years are going to be highly lucrative. Don’t lose this golden opportunity and let the people order as frequently in a few seconds from their mobile. So, work on having a customized mobile ordering app right away to excel.

A mobile app for delivery and takeaway orders is what customers love these days. It has reduced many hassles of customers like staying updated with the status of an order, easy payments procedure, menu, home delivery, deals, etc.

Customers are obsessed with the one-touch luxury, and you being the proprietor of a restaurant must confirm to provide the luxury of a mobile app to see the high scales of sales.

 3- Partner with the credible service provider 

Few incidents in past due to the scam by delivery service providers made many restaurants face the issues. Your partner gets associated with your entity, and sometimes people use them interchangeably. So be vigilant and not benevolent in choosing a takeaway or delivery service provider. Confirm access to the data of your customers and control over the complete branding process.

Try to choose that third-party takeaway, which charges no commission or nominal for their offerings as mostly such third-party delivery service gobbles hefty percentage of sales, thereby cutting down the returns of restaurants by a good margin.

  1. Establish links with more people via Social Media

What are the quickest means to reach out to more people or spread the news? Every one of us knows about its answer. It is social media as it is the best and most advantageous mode to get connected with people. Let there be news all over on Instagram and Facebook.

You can use many features of these social media platforms like reels and status to promote your online ordering app and your restaurant. Attract customers with captivating posts on food, live stories about the kitchen or restaurant, and chef recipe posts to popularize your restaurant and online order system to increase sales.

  1. Prop up online ordering with email marketing and signage 

Email marketing has a great potential to attract customers and stay connected with them. Having a customer for one time isn’t all a restaurant wants; instead, long-term reliance is the need. One can control the sales by sending a newsletter on online ordering, which allows the customers to know all that is happening at your side.

Using digital signage for diners is also a brilliant idea to acquaint diners with your free restaurant online ordering system. Let them know that they can have equally scrumptious food at their place with doorstep delivery.

Conclusion –  

The online ordering system for restaurants is a proven tool for a restaurant with limited staff or sitting capacity, as they can widen their reach easily and entertain more than capacity customers at a time. It has turned out to be highly beneficial in cutting down the third party commission cost, offers flexibility to restaurant owners, and easy marketing, which impacts incredibly on sales of restaurants. With many advantages to almost no disadvantages, the food ordering system is essential to grow and reach heights.


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