Tips for a restaurant to increase sales without much investment

Tips for a restaurant to increase sales-App2food

Customers cherish many choices or alternatives, which affects the success of a restaurant. Restaurants are trying everything not just to survive in the competitive age, but to excel in their business in the adverse waves when many restaurants have sunk. They are just looking for some magic sticks in the form of tips to do wonders for them.

Post outburst of Covid-19, execution of strategies for a restaurant has become extremely important to get on the list of customers to increase its sales. With the new world of online food ordering systems for restaurants that look like taking over the dine-in concept, working without a strategy would take you into no man’s land.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the effective tips to get noticed by customers and increase the sales of restaurants eventually within your budget.

Tips to Increase Your Restaurant Sales

In this article, we will talk about the top tips and tricks that would help you gain an edge over the competition and boost your restaurant sales.

  1. Existing Customer retention

First of all, emphasize holding your existing customers. Warm hospitality, good treatment, and personalized attention can be highly useful in letting them not go anywhere. Techniques like using their customer database can help you know about their preferences and reviews based on which you can entertain them at your restaurant.

Your existing customers can be an effective tool for promotion through word of mouth, so you have to treat them well.

  1. Adopting online ordering

Customers prefer to have food at home instead of dine-in due to some of the hassles attached to it. Offering online food delivery is the best tool to increase the customer base and reach potent customers nowadays. Online ordering is a boon for restaurants with sufficient staff and limited seats as they can serve more orders now at a time.

  1. Upselling

There is always a scope for upselling, irrespective of how good your restaurant is doing. Upselling refers to influencing customers to add more to their regular purchases. For example, upselling the menu can be done by a restaurant. You need to acquaint the customers with upselling by providing the addition for free or sometimes through economical combos.

Such activities will make customers increase the size of their orders, which eventually leads to an increase in sales of restaurants.

  1. Updating or forming your own restaurant’s website – Online Marketing

Have your restaurant website entertain and update your customers more effectively. Promote your website on social media, upload posts, USPs, update pages, events hosted or about to host, etc. This will help attract potential customers and uphold the present customers too.

An attractive and regularly updated website can help a restaurant to have more orders.

  1. Restaurant app

The third-party app reduces the revenue of restaurants to a large extent and is why it is recommended to have your free restaurant app for ordering and save the hefty percentage of commission charged by them.

Updating your app is much easier and enables instant changes as in other’s apps, one has to wait for a long to get the desired changes done.

  1. Economical delivery/takeaway service provider 

If you look forward to enhancing your revenue with an increase in sales, confirm to have a credible takeaway/ delivery service provider whose delivery charges are economical. Customer prefers to get their food delivered by an honest service provider who promises to deliver promptly.

  1. Mobile ordering app

A mobile ordering app for a restaurant is a revolution for businesses because it facilitates easy access to information about the restaurant like its menu, delivery time, order tracking facility, rates, etc. The facility to order anytime and easily with few clicks has helped many restaurants with a huge increase in sales.

  1. Social media

The cheapest platform to market restaurants and increase sales is the social media platform. So you can use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms to promote your restaurant.

Regular posts about events and changes in the menu through notifications and messenger are great ideas to help customers stay updated about you. Update clients with the event you have or are about to host through social media so that your restaurant comes on their list for events of their life.

  1. Deals, offers, and discounts  

Deals offers and happy hours always magnetize customers and pull clients towards the restaurants. This is a commonly used tactic with zero possibility of failure and is responsible for the rescue of many restaurants in the present age.

The happy hour strategy always entices clients to order more for discounted beverages, hard drinks, or a pack of French fries or nachos. It is a great technique to increase sales, and every restaurant must practice it.

10. Introduce Combo Meals to your menu

Combo meals are popular ways to attract customers of different ages and preferences without exerting excessively on their pockets. Have some of the popular food items with the little less popular ones in your combo platters to have the sale of both.

Adding beverages to top snacks and lunch meals is the best way to augment the profit. Simple combos at a low profit may make you earn beyond your expectation, so don’t miss to include some combos in your menu.

  1. Register your restaurant on search engines 

It is common to search for restaurants near you on search engines like Google with maps and the call button. Amazing reviews can pull customers to you, and this is how many customers, including new ones, would end up driving to your restaurant.

  1. Optimum pricing 

Pricing is to be done carefully in the menu after taking factors like location, cost of food, paying capacity of your targeted customer, etc. Your prices shouldn’t be higher than your competitors unless you are in a position to enjoy hiked prices due to your unsurpassed excellence or loyal customers.

  1. Traditional Marketing 

In the virtual age, traditional marketing hasn’t vanished completely. In fact, in many cases, this old-school marketing style is proven and verified for higher sales. Sending pamphlets and flyers can still bag customers and increase sales, as, in many regions, internet and tech-savvy people are in shortage.

  1. Special experience

Whether it is an online ordering customer or a dine-in customer, the best guest experience is the key to higher sales. So try to give them a perfect and flawless experience with the utter sense of comfort as at this age people strive to have comfort irrespective of where they relish cuisines of restaurants, this is how customer loyalty can be enhanced and maintained.  


Above are some of the tested and proven techniques to increase sales. Restaurants should not rely on an online ordering system only or a traditional marketing style as people depend upon their circumstances to pick out of the two. With due importance to both types of techniques, online and offline, restaurants should work on increasing sales.

Techniques like email, bulk SMS, and small plates order, can also help restaurants to increase their sales beyond their target. 


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