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Digital Ordering System for Restaurants to INCREASE sales, SAVE on 3rd party commissions and OWN your Customers.

Online restaurant ordering built for you.

Customized online and mobile ordering platform for restaurants that is commission free and designed to increase your average order size.

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Online restaurant ordering built for you.

Customized online and mobile ordering platform for restaurants that is commission free and designed to increase your average order size.

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Loyalty to increase restaurant Customer Retention.

Integrated Loyalty Program with Online restaurant ordering software that encourages repeat orders from your customers.

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Exclusive Mobile app for iOS and Android.

Set yourself apart from the competition by offering you own mobile app with a restaurant ordering system.

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Streamline your operations with POS integrations.

Our ordering system for restaurants integrates with multitude of major POS brands to simplify your day to day operations.

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Get access to World class marketing and Support from our team.

App2Food's restaurant online ordering platform provides SMS and email marketin solutions that will drive more sales.

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At App2Food we believe in your


Every App2food product that is part of our restaurant ordering system, is designed to put your branding at the forefront and focused on showcasing your food.

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Simple Pricing

No Commissions, Free to the restaurant. Plain and simple.

Own Your Customers

Your database available at your fingertips and with tools that allow you to leverage it to increase revenue.


Find out if App2Food Restaurant Online Ordering Platform is right for you

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Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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CMO, Dotcorn

Create custom landing pages with App2Food that converts more visitors than any website. Easy, Reliable & Fast.

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CEO, Greener

Frequently Asked Questions

App2Food Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants will simplify food ordering for the Restaurant’s customers. This restaurant software will provide a digital solution for food ordering through the Restaurant's website. A good food ordering platform like App2Food will provide automated food ordering suggestions to your customers to help increase online Restaurant sales.

App2Food has a very easy process to help you get a customized digital ordering solution for your Restaurant. Our team will review your current online ordering menu or your static menu and help to start building it in the App2Food Restaurant software that will be used for all of the Restaurant digital ordering services:Online Food Ordering. Mobile app ordering, Kiosk Self Ordering. Once the Restaurant menu is uploaded and approved then it is simple to start getting your Restaurant food orders directly to your android or iOS tablet.

A good Restaurant food ordering system like App2Food, will provide Restaurants multiple options for their customers to place Online orders. Few types of Digital Ordering that App2Food supports are: Restaurant online ordering that is integrated to the Restaurant's main website, a branded mobile app for the restaurant built for Android and Apple devices, Kiosk ordering for Restaurants that will allow customers to self order their food. This is especially vital as most restaurants are struggling to find reliable labor.

Unlike other Restaurant Online ordering softwares available in the market, App2Food services are FREE to the Restaurant with a nominal convenience fee that is charged to the Restaurant’s customers. All the digital ordering software services that App2Food provides are included. Any Hardware that is specifically purchased through App2Food may have additional costs.

App2Food Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants work for all Website browsers and also for Android and Apple mobile app users. This will allow for digital food ordering for all of the Restaurant's customers.

At App2Food, we are vested in increasing the Restaurant’s volume of online orders through our online ordering system. Since App2Food’s revenue is linked to the orders we bring to the restaurant we are strategic in increasing the number of your online orders and their frequency. Our integrated approach combines our restaurant loyalty program and text message marketing and is proven to boost sales an average of 30%. We also look for opportunities to increase the size of your average order. We direct customers to your website, so you do not lose out by constantly paying commissions to third party companies. Customers will order from you regularly and you will notice that the size of your average order is larger online than over the phone.

At this point if a Restaurant doesn’t provide an Online Ordering solution to their customers, They can not survive! Most of the Restaurant's customers are used to placing their food ordering by using digital ordering platforms. The Post covid era, Restaurants are expected to have an online food ordering solution. The Restaurant now can use this ordering system to communicate to its customers, increase online ordering sales by providing incentives, use Automated notifications to increase cross sell and upsell each and every food online orders.

At App2Food, we believe that we have a partnership with the restaurant and restaurateur. We will create marketing material for you that you can use in the restaurant and publish to your social media channels. We will also suggest promotions we feel will work well and will support any promotions or incentives that you create. If you have a previous database of customers that have agreed to receive promotions from the restaurant, we will also help in sending out any promotions or specials via our email marketing and text message marketing channels.

There are several ways that App2Food will increase your restaurants digital ordering volume:

  • 1. Our online ordering is like a concierge service. We can tag different products that pair well together in your menu to help increase the average ticket. We can also suggest a product at checkout and prompt people to add it to their cart. This can be a new product you want to promote or even a menu item that the restaurant has extra in inventory.

  • 2. Google listing management is often the restaurant’s first impression and App2Food will help you manage your listing to make sure that the information is accurate and attractive. We also make sure that customers are properly directed to your Restaurants website and your customized digital ordering software powered by App2Food.

  • 3. Restaurant Loyalty programs are the best way to earn repeat business from customers while rewarding them for their patronage. The difference with our loyalty program is it is designed to be unique for your restaurant. We consider your margins and average ticket sizes to see what will be the best types of reward to offer your customers.

  • 4. Text message marketing is a great tool to increase the restaurant's sales. The high read rates for restaurant marketing through text messages enables the restaurant to reach your customers instantly with promotions and specials. We also directly connect the customer to your restaurant ordering software so that they can order food directly through the text message.

We have several options on how you can receive orders through our restaurant digital ordering software. We highly recommend downloading the App2Food for restaurants mobile app on any android or apple device. This app provides you with a sound notification when you receive an order and allows you to confirm or alter the order in real time. If you need to purchase specific hardware to use we can recommend options for devices. The same app is also available through your internet browser and can be accessed on a computer or laptop.
We can also set up a thermal printer for you which is one time cost of $349. The thermal printer will print a ticket with the order details and make the process of receiving orders seamless.
Lastly, there is also an option for fax or email integration.

App2food has a quick turnaround time and your menu and website will be setup in 7 business days.
If you are interested in a mobile app on android and iOs the process varies slightly based on their approval times for the restaurant mobile app.
We usually recommend going live with the restaurant website and digital online ordering software and then adding on the mobile app once it is approved on the respective app stores.

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