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Online Ordering Systems

Data related to the food industry shows that some of the restaurants earn as low as 33 % of the online orders, when using the services of an online delivery partner. Most of the online delivery partners charge around 30 % of the order, which leaves very less for the restaurants to make profit out of the orders. 

One of the main reasons that the restaurants get stuck with these vendors, in spite of the higher commission, is the cost of infrastructure and technology involved in setting up an own online food order & delivery system

The initial investment needed in setting up the system and the overhead costs required in maintenance hinder the restaurants and make a choice to continue with the existing delivery partners. 

Best Online Ordering Systems

However, there are few free online solutions which provide the right tools for the restaurants to easily set up their online food ordering system.

These solutions mostly work on a freemium model, where they help the restaurants in setting up an online ordering platform for free or very minimal charges. They either earn revenue through other means like advertising or on the basis of the orders received. 

App2food is one of the top free online food ordering systems in the US, making it convenient for the restaurants to set up their own system with lesser costs.

App2food provides a fully optimized free online ordering solution which is customized with your logo and brand.

The initial setup services, which include – website, online delivery system, hardware like Wi-Fi tablet, menu upload, payment mechanism including cash orders etc. are for free. 

Other facilities offered for free by App2food include – integration of email, customer support, restaurant marketing services, training, unlimited commission free orders etc.

The customized online and mobile ordering is designed to increase the average order size and optimize the customer experience on the system. 

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App2food contributes to increase in the order size by cross selling and up selling, directly contributing towards the increase in revenue. 

The payments are directly deposited into the restaurant accounts without a delay. The system also provides for cash transactions, increasing the flexibility for the customers. 

Another feature of App2food is that the customers can order ahead. 

While most of the other free online ordering system providers charge additional amounts in the form of website development, App2Food provides all these services free of cost. 

With a clear vision of making money only when the restaurants make money, App2Food is truly one of the top free online food ordering systems in the USA. 


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