The 5 Best ChowNow Alternatives For Restaurants

ChowNow Alternatives

Over the past few years, the love for food has only expanded. Nowadays, people are fully determined to spend a good portion of their money filling their tummies with fast food. Newer and newer concepts for food restaurants have been introduced due to this rising love for food. 

However, this has also resulted in increased competition amongst restaurants making it challenging for each restaurant to grow without any hindrance.

In order to make sure that restaurants do not suffer losses, ChowNow came into action and has helped multiple restaurants to grow and prosper over the past years. Unlike other food ordering apps, ChowNow has a different base of work and has proven to be a lot beneficial to date. 

Any restaurant business in its initial stages needs to pair up with a helping hand like ChowNow to make sure nothing hinders its growth. 

Just like ChowNow, there are several other platforms that aim to help newly opened restaurants grow trouble-free. People seek their own benefits in using these platforms and invest in the one that fits them the best. 

In order to help restaurant owners get a wide range of choices, we will be sharing the five best ChowNow alternatives that are equally efficient in making a restaurant business work smoothly and efficiently. These five alternatives basically work as online food-ordering apps that help restaurants.



The very first name on our list of best alternatives to ChowNow would be App2Food. Using App2Food, you can easily get your hands on your favourite food items because of the user-friendly interface. Using App2Food, you can keep yourself and your restaurant aside from the rising competition and lay full focus on ensuringassuring comfort to your customers. 

App2Food is likely to work as a business booster for new restaurant owners and provide a helping hand on every single stage of growth or challenge. 

Pairing up with App2Food will free you of any sort of pressure regarding your restaurant’s appraisal. Using App2Food will mean having a separate restaurant mobile application or portal using which people can get in contact with you and get their food cravings fulfilled. You can get your menu displayed in the most attractive manner to your customers and make them enjoy it every time they visit your website or app. 

To brief you about the App2Food platform, in brief, we have gathered some useful points. 

About App2Food:

  • There are fewer chances for a restaurant to grow at an exponential rate without having a trustworthy partner on its side, like App2Food. App2Food will always work at its maximized potential to boost your growth and assist you in almost any way possible. You will be reaching your long-term targets and goals in no time if you work consistently with App2Food and the experts. 
  • App2Food, by pairing up with the latest technology, can provide you with innovative methods using which you can market your restaurant brand in a remarkable manner. By using its products like restaurant POS integration, gift cards, loyalty, ordering kiosks, etc. you can get assurance for your restaurant’s growth and get going with earning more and more in the future. 
  • App2Food can help you build a unique brand of your own, reflecting your restaurant’s work. This, in turn, will help you earn a designated place for your restaurant in the market, thus helping you get a stronghold in the restaurant industry. People will be accessing your restaurant’s website using App2Food at any moment they wish. All one will have to do is either visit the website or reach you through the App2Food app available on the play store or app store.
  • Even being a customer can be beneficial for you if using the App2Food application. Whether you are an android user or an IOS user, you can always enjoy the benefits of App2Food and order from whateverwhatsoever restaurant you wish and pay for your desired food item. 

Being a restaurant owner, it is your duty to get the best out of your money and invest in building up its basic structure. The key to a restaurant’s success is getting along with the customers and the latest technology. However, this challenging task can be made easier by making App2Food your partner and working consistently till you reach the heights of success.



Uber Eats is basically an online food delivery platform that any individual can access. Uber Eats helps establish a communal bond between a restaurant and customers with the desire of eating delicious food. Customers can get their desired food items delivered to their doorsteps without having to step outside their houses. 

The only thing one needs to do is access the Uber Eats app through their Smartphone, and everything is good to go. 

The only basic necessities for using the Uber Eats app are a Smartphone and a stable internet connection. Still, one can find it challenging to use the Uber Eats app, so we will be helping you get acknowledged with the app in detail so that you can carry every step smoothly.

How to use Uber Eats

With every day passing, newer features are getting added to the Uber Eats interface and users need to be kept up-to-date in order to make things work accordingly. Here is a bunch of information you need to be aware of before giving start to the Uber Eats app. 

  • The very first thing you will have to do is open an Uber Eats account and provide the information it asks you for. Uber Eats can easily be accessed both from the website as well as the application interface. However, it is suggested to download the application for disturbance-free online food ordering. 
  • Some people may use it as customers for online food ordering while some might want to get their restaurants partnered with Uber Eats. For the ones who wish to get paired with Uber Eats, there are licenses that need to be gained for legal functioning. Apart from this, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Uber Eats app is also necessary. 
  • For those who only wish to use this application for online food ordering, the search box is all you need to use to get your grasp on your favourites. All you will need to do is type the name of your preferred food item. You can even bring the filters to use to get the best-altered results as per your choice or needs. 
  • With a variety of features in the Uber Eats app, you can use the app according to your convenience and get the best surfing experience. Apart from this, all you will need will be to take care of the final amounts, including the delivery fees for their services. However, you will have to undergo cancellation fees if you cancel your food order after the food has been prepared or the delivery guy is already out to get it delivered to your doorstep. 

For restaurant owners, Uber Eats is one of the best means to get in contact with customers and even control the delivery experience. 



The other best alternative ChowNow on our list would be DoorDash. DoorDash is a platform that helps restaurant owners connect with their local customers and expand in size with fewer challenges. Being a customer, you can get your desired drinks and food items delivered to your very doorstep with a single button click. 

Restaurants pairing up with DoorDash need not manage the delivery partners and can give their attention towards their growth. DoorDash takes the overall duty of picking the food up from the restaurants and getting it delivered to the customers. This feature of DoorDash has boosted its demand and more and more people are getting acknowledged with it. 

DoorDash with its attractive features has left behind many competitors and has maintained a stronghold in the competitive market since then. 

However, not everyone must be aware of the features we are talking about; hence we have provided a list that can provide clarity in this part. 


  • Unlike many online food delivery platforms, DoorDash works along with artificial intelligence and assists users to carry forward their orders with ease. Using AI, DoorDash pops up a list of food items according to their choice so that there is no confusion regarding the orders that are to be placed.
  • DoorDash keeps a record of the history of food orders of customers and, in turn, uses it to provide a list of their preferred food items and even provides them with a list of highly demanded food items. This helps customers be aware of the latest food items and also gives a try to new stuff, thus helping restaurant owners increase their revenue and expand in size. 
  • No matter what platform one uses for online ordering, a cancellation fee is a must if one delays the allowed cancellation time. In order to prevent customers from suffering losses, DoorDash has an advanced delivery feature. This feature allows customers to book their order a week before and schedule the timing as preferred by them. By far, no other platform provides this feature, hence making DoorDash hold a unique position in the market. 
  • Using DoorDash, you can always monitor your order from the moment when the food starts getting prepared till the time it reaches your doorstep. With time, DoorDash is providing extra features for the betterment of the experience of the users. This has helped DoorDash grow without any hindrance and cope with the rising competition with ease. 
  • Whenever your tummy calls for food, you can always use DoorDash as it provides 24/7 services for customers as well as their partner restaurants. As long as DoorDash is working along with you, there is no need for you to hire your own delivery men, and everything can be managed smoothly. 

DoorDash has been in great demand both for the customers as well as the restaurant owners due to its reliable results and attractive features. You can always invest and pair up with DoorDash without any second thoughts of failure. 



For restaurant businesses in their initial stages of growth, Blink Co. is another alternative to ChowNow. Blink Co. came in considerable demand amongst restaurant owners due to it having a fairly low fee arrangement. Every individual would want to spend a minor sum of money on partner food ordering apps and spend the rest on their business’s day-to-day expenses. 

Low charges demanded by Blink Co. are highly favoured by restaurant owners in return for helping their businesses to grow rapidly and grow easily. This is the very reason behind the rising love for Blink Co. and people can use the rest of their funds in focusing on strengthening their restaurant’s structure. Apart from this, there are several features that have led to the success of Blink Co. and we will be discussing them in the points below. 

Why Blink Co.

  • Monthly payment allowance

Unlike many other food ordering apps that demand commissions on orders, Blink Co. allows monthly payments. The benefit of this feature is that you can allow yourself to concentrate on your restaurant and its growth prospects without worrying about your daily rent or payment for using Blink Co. A single time payment every month is enough to maintain a healthy relationship with Blink Co, and you are good to go and enjoy a steady growth of your restaurant. 

  • A separate application

Working along with Blink Co. will help you get a separate application based on your restaurant’s working in your hands. This will help you maintain a unique identity amongst other restaurants in your area and even earn the upper hand among all.  

  • Customized website

Pairing up with Blink Co. will lend you a customized website of your own. Using this website, you can regulate the working of your restaurant and render services digitally. You can add as many features you want to your online restaurant website and work on its smooth functioning. This in turn will boost customer satisfaction and help your business walk towards the path of success. 

  • Order tracking

Order tracking is a crucial feature when it comes to ordering food online. Using this feature, you can keep track of your online order using the website or app you prefer. Keeping this necessity in mind, Blink Co. provides online food tracking features to help you monitor your package from the time of food preparation routed to your home. This feature will prevent your customers from waiting too long for their orders without even having knowledge of the exact position or location of their orders. 



Last but not least on our recommended list would be Bento ordering, an online food ordering app that is not heard of by a huge customer base. Despite being on the very last on our recommendation list, Bento Ordering is one of the best alternatives to ChowNow that lends a helping hand to newly established restaurant businesses. 

Bento Ordering itself is a newly built food ordering app and a favourable alternative to ChowNow, but there is no possible field in which Bento Ordering lacks. None of its customers has ever reported a single complaint or dissatisfactory report against it. This is the main reason why Bento Ordering is growing rapidly. In no time, Bento Ordering will be on the top of the list of best ChowNow alternatives. 

Now is the time to move on to the features provided by Bento Ordering that have led to its success.

  • Automated marketing features

In the current era, starting an online business is not a difficult task, but maintaining its growth, in the long run, can be challenging. One should be aware of accurate marketing schemes that can help survive the rising competition in the industry. As it goes for Bento ordering, it uses the latest technology SEO features paired up with automated marketing. Bento and its experts even run marketing campaigns that help their partner restaurants to develop at a remarkable rate. 

Being a restaurant owner, it is also crucial for you to be aware of the latest marketing tools and hold the expertise to use every single one of them at their maximized potential. 

  • Trustworthy

Trust is the main element that partners seek whenever looking for a long-term partner with whom they can work together and eliminate even the slightest chance of failure. Whenever working with Bento, there won’t even be a single event that will break the trust bond between you and the authorities under Bento. 

This is another feature backing the rapid growth of Bento and boosting its demand amongst restaurant owners in multiple regions. 

  • Low fee demands

Another reason behind the growth of Bento Ordering is their low fee demands attracting more and more restaurant owners each day. For newly established restaurants, this feature works as a magnet and can attract as many restaurant owners as it wishes. 

Bento has maintained a considerable number of partners since the day it was introduced and is not lacking in any way for this purpose. With things going on as favourable as they are now, Bento is likely to emerge as the most demanded ChowNow alternative in multiple regions. 


Why Choose ChowNow Alternatives?


Over the past few years, ChowNow has been reserved as the top priority of well-established as well as newly established restaurants across the nation. With restaurants working with ChowNow, the concept of online food ordering has increased in demand, and people prefer eating their favourites at their homes rather than leaving their comfort zone and driving to the restaurant. 

However, the competition is also experiencing a boost with more and more people running towards the restaurant industry and it has become challenging for every newcomer to experience success. Along with pairing up with an online food ordering app, it is crucial to be aware of the latest marketing strategies; else, you may fail to succeed amongst your competitors. 

Another crucial step is to get your hands on the best ChowNow alternative there is. Here are some reasons why choosing amongst the above-mentioned alternatives is crucial. 

  • Low operating costs

Not every restaurant owner can afford to pay the high operating costs charged by ChowNow. Seeing this as an opportunity, more and more alternatives like the above are emerging in the market, providing way lower operating costs than ChowNow. This works as a centre of attraction for newcomers in the restaurant industry. 

  • Better strategies

Newly established food ordering apps are likely to be aware of the latest marketing strategies that are highly efficient in the current era to help a restaurant grow and prosper. All of the above-mentioned ChowNow alternatives are not so ancient, hence hold a good knowledge of the latest marketing strategies and can assist you in achieving your long-term goals in a remarkably short period. 

  • Reliability

Every single one of the above-mentioned alternatives is well-known in the restaurant industry, and there has never been any case of misunderstanding among the partners. You can rely on every single one of them with all your worth and work together to reach the heights of success as soon as possible. 

All you will have to do is make a wise choice amongst the available alternatives and match your needs with the features they offer. 




The food and restaurant industry is growing in size at an enormous rate, and so are the assisting online food ordering apps. As it goes for ChowNow, it has always been one of the best, but the above five alternatives, especially App2Food, have surpassed it in more fields than we can talk of.