QR Codes- a Unique Way Restaurants Can Use to Drive Sales

QR Code Menu

You must have seen QR codes (quick response) almost in every shop, mall, or market. But what are these boxes that seem like barcodes? If you scan these QR codes with your smartphone, it will immediately lead you to a web page. Consumers desire instant access to relevant details, which QR codes provide. 

The old bar codes can only carry 20 numerical, but these QR codes can carry thousands of characters and pieces of information. Their ability to hold vast amounts of data, easy operation, and connect people makes it a very beneficial tool for business. 

People using QR codes never get tired of praising its unique features. But who are new to this must be curious to get more details about it and how it works. There are multiple ways of using QR codes in your business. Use them to display product information on your website. Connect people more by applying it on your online website and generate a fantastic online ordering system.

QR codes can deliver the following things. Take a look over them:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Product details
  • Coupons
  • Blog IDs
  • Event information

In the case of restaurants, you can use the QR codes in the following manners:

  • Specials of the Day

If you create a food ordering app and showcase all your specialties daily, it will drive more customers to you. You can effortlessly display your delicious food items and take back numerous customers to your restaurant.

QR Code restaurant Service

  • Get to know the team.

What about creating a video that includes all your team members? Isn’t it a good idea? Yes, it is as it will create a friendly atmosphere with new clients.  

  • Delivery and take-out

 Ordering on the fly is simple and convenient with a QR code on your print ads and menus. Just by clicking on these QR codes, your contact will automatically get saved on the client’s phone, and then it will be straightforward to make a call. Please add a friendly QR code to your menu. One single click, and people can place the order. 

  • Reservations

It’s a new online ordering and restaurant marketing tool.  Allow your customers to scan QR codes with their smartphones, and just by entering their party name, they will get the notification of their reserved seat. They will come to know that they are following and their table is hot to trot.  

  •  Nutritional Information on the Menu

Several customers seek some nutritional information on the restaurant’s menu, but it’s sporadic. You can provide a QR code for every dish on your menu, and it will assist the clients in knowing about the nutritional value of the dish. In the end, they can easily decide whether they can cheat on their diet or play it safe. 

QR Code scan & Pay

  • Customers should be able to pay more quickly.

After the pandemic, customers require a contact less payment option. Plus, if you have countless customers daily, it will become easy for you to run your restaurant smoothly.  

Despite their modest start, QR codes are gaining traction in the restaurant business. Test the waters by jumping in. Be one of the first to try this innovative idea, and watch your business thrive!


Restaurants began using QR codes to make life simpler for diners to order food and drinks without using their hands through free online ordering systems. However, restaurateurs understand the potential of QR codes beyond computerized menus, and the little pixelated squares have seen a rebirth since then. These tiny symbols have cracked the code in terms of facilitating payments, boosting branding, and generating unique experiences for customers.