Owner.com vs GloriaFood- Features and More

Owner.com vs GloriaFood

It has been a while since the pandemic ended. But it seems that the world has seen a greater side of the digital world and cannot even think of going back to the old days. Restaurants and companies that started online have no plans to walk backward. The restaurants that have not adopted the digital process are in the process of getting their on-demand food delivery app prepared.

The food industry has changed a lot in the last 3 to 4 years. And the best part is that it has changed for the better. The demand for mobile ordering apps is increasing not just due to the high demand to have all the food options when watching Netflix, but also due to necessity. 

It is also one of the major reasons why one should consider the same for their restaurant as well.  A food delivery application offers both traditional and takeaway restaurants an opportunity to feed their customers anywhere. A food delivery app might just look like a physical version of your menu, but it is much more than that. A lot of things combined make the mobile ordering app a successful, responsive, design and content application.

The on-demand delivery app will not just be a platform for food delivery, but also a one-stop solution to grow your customer base and engagement. It will offer and support the additional value that will also assist in growing your business allowing it to rise above the competition.

A customized food delivery app will not only offer a platform to order conveniently but also works as your one-stop solution for customer necessities. A mobile app can provide additional value to your customers which will help you rank at the top of the competition.

 If you are running a restaurant then it is imperative to have an online ordering system that will assist with ordering food online from the customer’s point of view and managing the entire business from the restaurant owners’ point of view and most importantly assisting the restaurant owners to have a full insight of the business with the help of a single software.

Let’s have a look at some benefits of mobile ordering apps for a customer:


  • You don’t have to stand in long queues to place an order
  • Transparency in pricing
  • The convenience to place an order anytime anywhere
  • Multiple ways to pay for your order
  • Loyalty points can mean better savings when you are a regular customer


Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of mobile ordering apps for restaurants:


  • Customers spend more when they place an order through apps as they have more time to decide
  • Restaurants can handle orders with more increase in productivity and accuracy
  • Loyalty programs for restaurants help all the restaurants to retain customers and do more repeat business
  • It is easy to check the cash flow in the restaurant without opening the registers and ordering a notebook
  • Lesser running costs and improved efficiency

Mobile ordering is a complete package. It not only helps in getting more orders but also takes care of the things like reducing errors, scheduling events, and also food wastage. A mobile app is a direct source to reach your local customers through push notifications as well.

There are many online food delivery apps but let us now discuss the most popular online delivery apps and find out more about their differences. 


Owner.com vs. GloriaFood


A brief synopsis of Owner.com:


Owner.com is an all-in-one platform that can be used by independent restaurants to use the power for their digital presence. It allows the marketing and technology superpowers of major brands like Chick-Fil-A, Dominos, and Sweetgreen to be independent restaurants. The platform can also power everything from websites to online ordering to email marketing to text marketing to recruiting to branded mobile apps for each restaurant, in an all-in-one solution that also integrates into the POS for restaurants.

It is a platform that assists all restaurant owners to have direct sales, manage their online presence, and save money on fees. It also provides direct power to online ordering for restaurants through its website. Owner.com helps them to take back control from the greedy tech corporations who are stealing customer relationships and charging unfair fees.

Independent restaurants don’t generally have the luxury to have their online food ordering and delivery capabilities to negotiate for lower rates from legacy ordering platforms like the big restaurant chains.

Here is when Owner.com comes into the scene.  Restaurants that own their customer data can automate marketing campaigns. That is why Owner.com is a better choice as compared to other apps.

Consumer demand has been shifting to primarily online delivery and ordering over the past 24 months. The online ordering revenue is expected to double from $250 billion in 2023 to $500 billion in 2025. Other ordering platforms like Ubereats, DoorDash, and GrubHub control 90% of orders and typically charge between 30% to 40% per order to restaurants and additional fees to consumers.

Alternatively, Owner.com is free for restaurants and charges customers a 5% convenience fee when they order from the website. Owner.com is aiming to manage a restaurant’s entire digital presence. The company has also re-launched itself to provide new tools for the users to do everything from the update and creating their websites, to email marketing and leverage features like reputation and recruiting management, so that everything is in one place versus paying for dozens of subscriptions for every aspect.

Owner.com has already reached a seven-figure run–rate and over 110% monthly revenue retention across more than 800 restaurant locations after finding its foot in the crowded space dominated by main players like GrubHub, DoorDash, and Ubereats, which were charging between 30% and 40% on orders, a margin often too high for the independent restaurants, which will represent 50% of the U.S restaurant industry.

Owner.com is a world-class online platform to manage the digital presence online. This smart app powers the automated marketing, careers page, loyalty program, and direct online ordering. It is constantly adding new features and making updates that make it easier for restaurant owners to handle everything digitally. 

The restaurant teams can sincerely listen to the feedback of their clients and make the service better. Before Owner.com, they had no way to take online orders directly from the customers. The staff also loves that they always get the additional tip from online orders as well. They have a great way to reach the customers and know who they are because they can capture all the data.

 The list is increasing day by day and now it is even easier to engage and give your loyal customers discounts and also let them know about the new promotions and items that are running every month. 

Key features of the Owner.com platform are:

Regardless of all the business strategies you choose, it is clear that Owner.com provides transparent pricing and high-quality service. Apart from all the core features, Owner.com takes into consideration current industry trends to meet the user’s expectations and needs. 

What is the one thing that you might not like about Owner.com?

Owner.com is constantly doing changes and improvements. Sometimes, it can get confusing to also navigate the backend dashboard, but the support team and restaurant success team take time to explain things which is a plus point. They are always available so you are communicating with someone who knows it all.

How Owner.com is solving all the problems and how is it benefiting others?

Owner.com is helping solve direct online ordering without having to pay the commission to third-party platforms. 

How Owner.com is the correct choice?

Owner.com can power everything from online ordering to websites to email marketing to text marketing to recruiting to branded mobile apps for every restaurant. Owner.com is the all-in-one platform that all independent restaurants use to power their digital presence in a competitive market.

Customers use Owner.com because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Convenience: no one would want to drive long distances when they can get everything with just a few taps on a mobile.
  • Multiple payment methods: you can pay on delivery, credit card, debit card, PayPal, and many other options.
  • Delivered at your doorstep: the food ordering system is made in a way to deliver at doorsteps
  • Trust factor: such food delivery apps have built trust within the target audience. Customers are even sure about the quality of their services.

The result provided by Owner.com is:

Owner.com has significantly improved the onboarding times and boosted–boarding team morale with integrated solutions. It also helps local business owners to take back control. Thousands of restaurant owners from small pizzerias to full-fledged restaurant chains use the Owner.com platform to take back control, save money on fees, drive direct sales and also manage the online presence all in one.

The team behind Owner.com wants to help restaurateurs to take control of their online presence, also boost sales and save costs in the whole process. Owner.com provides an all-in-one service that comprises features like online ordering, digital restaurant marketing, commission-free delivery, a job board, and also the ability to provide loyalty programs. Unlike other similar service providers, Owner.com puts its customer’s brands, not its own, front and center of the site.


Let’s have a look at another popular online food delivery app:




It is one of the most celebrated apps as well as a popular online ordering system for restaurants and it has been in this industry for an exceptionally long time. Considering the benefits of using the GloriaFoood, it is known that GloriaFood is one of the most reasonable online ordering apps because it does not take any commission or any fee. It is just that the restaurant owners need to utilize this platform either by logging in or through Facebook. 

GloriaFood has created the world’s first few online ordering systems for restaurants worldwide. With the help of a Facebook app and website widget, small and medium restaurants can take online orders straight to their smartphones or tablets. 

This app is designed to make online food ordering an amazing and smooth experience for both restaurant owners and hungry clients. It also helps restaurant owners cash in big time by enhancing their online presence, even on mobile phones. Born in TechHub Bucharest, GloriaFood startup has already launched the main feature set which offers the best TCO reasons for being integrated by the restaurants. 

With this app, customers can order through a widget installed on the restaurant’s Facebook page or website. Aside from building a user-friendly widget with increased cart checkout page usability, GloriaFood differentiates itself through the unique order-taking process. 

The restaurant owners can also take orders directly on the tablet or smartphone, thus transforming the mobile device into an order-receiving gadget. The widget installation process is very quick and easy, and more imperative there are no setup fees, no commissions, and no binding contracts for the restaurant owner.

The whole system allows you to take free, unlimited online orders and also confirm them all from your smartphone or tablet. Above all, it also helps you to manage better all day–to–day tasks by centralizing all pick-up and delivery orders as well as all the table reservations.

Moreover, there are no:

  • Free trials needed
  • Contract
  • Setup fees
  • Hidden fees

Price: Free

What all is included in the free plan:

  • Simple and intuitive to use both admin and customer interface
  • Free unlimited location and no fee
  • Quick menu setup you can get up and run in less than an hour
  • 24*7 multilingual customer support
  • Delivery, online ordering system for takeaway, table reservations, and order ahead in one solution
  • Free online ordering widget for your Facebook page and website
  • Responsive online ordering system that works well on smartphones
  • Free restaurant order-taking app that allows you to confirm and receive reservations and orders from your tablet or smartphone
  • Pre-order options
  • Visible menu promotions that catch the client’s eye
  • Real-time analytic reports, details and recommendations that can help you grow your business fast
  • Unlimited access to customer order history
  • There are a few paid optional features like branded mobile apps, websites among others. 


How GloriaFood works for restaurants:

All restaurant owners can sign up through the GloriaFood website. There will be some information about your restaurant which includes contact information, address, payment options, opening hours, and tax information. You will then begin setting up your menu with the easy-to-drag and-drop menu builder. 

If you cannot figure this out or don’t have time, there is no need to stress out, as GloriaFood will set up the menu for you for a small fee.

Once your account is set, you can publish the menu to your Facebook app or website. To add it to your website, you will also need to grab the HTML code that is provided by them and paste it to your website at the top, where it is very easy to spot by the customers. Adding the order button to your Facebook page is even simple and you can do this automatically through the admin dashboard.


How GloriaFood works for the customers:

The customers just need to click on the order button on the Facebook page or website for their online menu to pop up. They can choose which items they are looking for, and select specific options like sauce, toppings, crust, choice of side dish, etc. And also select the pickup and delivery for the order. 

Once you have accepted the order, the customer will see their expected fulfillment and receive an email receipt of their order. The online menu is mobile-friendly so that the customer can order from any laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

What’s the catch? Free?

The basic system is free. You can accept unlimited orders for delivery and pickup without paying for any commission, use the system for any number of locations and also sign up without any credit card. There is no hidden cost or set-up fee. There are somehow some additional paid upgrades that you might want to make use of to increase sales.

Let’s take a look at some additional features:

  • Additional features: Accepting online payments is paid add-on for $30 per month. This will also allow one to connect your ordering system to your payment gateway and allow the customers to pay online. Without this, you can still accept orders if the customer pays on delivery or in-store. Advanced promo marketing is paid an add-on of $20 per month. While you can also run one promo at a time on the free plan, this will unlock some of the additional promo options and let you also run multiple promos at a time.

 Some of the promo types include the following:

  • Get a free item ( free drink or any order $35)
  • Buy one get one free
  • Discount on selected items
  • Fixed discount amount on the total value
  • Discount on cart
  • Free delivery
  • Buy 2 get 3 free

Is GloriaFood the right choice?

The GloriaFood review should give you a great idea about whether or not it is the right choice for your restaurant. So, if you are looking for a low-cost solution that is easy and quick to install and get going then GloriaFood is one of the best options to choose from. 

You will be able to set up and begin taking orders in minutes. Many restaurants run with a tight budget, so having a free online order system at your disposal is quite amazing. The additional paid features are also affordable enough that the restaurant owners will end up paying for those.


The points mentioned below will help you understand how these online food delivery apps increase your visibility in the market:


  • These apps ensure clear communication
  • Provide great services
  • Create a stellar online menu
  • Focus on packaging
  • Use the latest technology to accept the orders
  • Proper client communication
  • Track deliveries with the latest technology
  • Outsource delivery drivers

The food delivery apps come with a different screen for everyone, restaurants, users, and admin and delivery executives. The separation of these helps everyone complete their tasks. Due to integrations present on the app, clients can order their food within a few clicks. Therefore, if you are planning to get a food delivery app for your restaurant, it is the right time. Several features are offered by these apps that can help you build a strong business.


Encourage the reviews posted by the customers:


Encouraging customers to post reviews is one of the best ways to build a positive online presence. You can ask a satisfied customer to leave a review on your social media pages or website so potential diners can learn more about what you offer. The apps can take it further by offering an incentive to the customers who post reviews, such as free dessert or discounts. 

Owner.com reviews hundreds of restaurants worldwide and offers valuable insights into what makes a successful dining experience. Their star-rating system allows potential diners to compare the restaurant with other options easily, so it’s worth investing some time in gaining positive reviews from this site.


Final thoughts


Succeeding in the restaurant industry is not an easy task. But leveraging digital marketing and online technologies can help you get a step closer to success. By optimizing the website for SEO, creating social media profiles, building a strong email list, encouraging reviews, and also utilizing online advertising and Owner.com reviews, you can reach potential customers and increase the visibility of the restaurant. 

With the right strategy and the correct online app like GloriaFood or Owner.com, you will be on your way to having a successful digital presence that drives customers to your restaurant.