Owner.com vs Doordash- Comparison between the two Popular Food Ordering Platforms

Owner.com vs Doordash

Restaurant businesses have been going through a lot of changes due technological advancements. Nowadays, mobile applications are a top priority for all types of businesses. And on top of it, food delivery businesses and food ordering businesses do indeed need mobile apps due to the thriving demand of food delivery.

Before moving forward, let’s take a quick look at the statistics of the online food delivery business market size.

5 core reasons why a food delivery business should have a customized mobile application:

You might be wondering how to start a food ordering or delivery business. Building an online food delivery business system is not enough; you might also require building a mobile application to scale the business. But, why build a mobile application before starting a food delivery business? Let’s check the top 5 reasons.

  • Increased demand for delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic

 We all know that Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle; the lives of people around the world have changed a lot. Most countries have announced a shutdown and life as we all know is very uncertain. Almost everything is closed except the essential services. Whether it is food delivery or grocery delivery services, every business is growing.

Many startups have started to invest in 10- minute delivery apps. The main aims of these food delivery services are to deliver quality food on time. All these apps promise to deliver the groceries in 10 minutes.

The target also used to be busy people who needed a restaurant delivery service because they are so busy in their lives. Now, the target market is like everyone. Most people now prefer home deliveries. With all the people practicing social distancing, staying indoors, and self-quarantine to stop the spread of the virus, food delivery apps are angels for them. They cater to more orders than ever. Food delivery companies can help people stay indoors and fight this pandemic.

  • The food delivery area has the potential to flourish in the coming future

Change is an obvious and decent thing in the world of technology. So, we can expect changes in the food delivery market for a better future. Right now, the food delivery market has already developed in most countries with an expected annual growth rate of around 4% over the next 7 years. Till now, the most common objective of food delivery apps is to place an online order from the restaurant. As of now, the tendency of people is to not wait anymore for food in restaurants. However, consumers find it more convenient to get food delivered after several minutes of placing the order through an online food delivery app. The food delivery market is in the midst of changes.

This is what you can see as the exponential growth in the on-demand food delivery market. And, this market has all the potential for major growth. If you own a food delivery business, then a food delivery app can be a miracle for your restaurant business. So, it is high time to collaborate your business with online food delivery applications.

  • Increases transparency and convenience for both app merchants and users

Online food delivery has already seen major growth in the past few years. However, this market has already changed due to the overall level of technology and funding penetration. However, things do not end here. There is another catalyst to increase the transparency and convenience for both the ends, merchants as well as customers.

  • Increases frequent visitors

 To get extraordinary results from the business, it is vital to get a customized mobile application for your on-demand online food delivery business. An owner of the food delivery business, if you wish to retain your customers for a long period, then you must focus on having an app with unique functionalities and features.

To attract more and more customers to your business, you can’t forget to take care of basic features during the food delivery app to enhance the returning visitors. And if you are looking to grow your business, then having a customized app for your food delivery business is highly recommended.

  • Target the correct audience and remain connected with them

 An app for food delivery can bring a big change in your business. From enticing your users to order their first food to make use of coupon offers. Customers usually find it super interesting and place orders. Hence, it is imperative to consider a customized app to easily target the correct audience to achieve remarkable results.

Reach the target market and it will get major benefits to your business. To drive the target market, it is vital to consider a mobile application that can reach millions of people who need delivery services or restaurant services. The mobile application can also help you to achieve it without any hassle. Moreover, you will be able to get connected with the users.

Customer satisfaction should be a top priority. Plus, providing constant offers and discounts can help the users to retain them for a long time. Thus, if you have ever thought of having a food delivery app, then you must get it customized for your business.

As we all know, this is a crucial period, especially for restaurant start-ups and business owners. People are always concerned about their health and they need to be sure that the restaurant food they receive is safe to consume.

Let’s discuss the two most celebrated food delivery apps: Owner.com Vs DoorDash


DoorDash is an on-demand restaurant app that helps you to deliver all three meals and evening snacking as well from online users’ preferred restaurants. They also have an alcohol delivery service facility for stores, breweries, and restaurants.

The advantages of having a DoorDash app are: It is user-friendly, has no-contact deliveries, and also has free delivery available.

Limitations of using the DoorDash app are: The app crashes frequently, long loading time, and lacks proper customer support

It is a food delivery app that helps the customer to order food from every type of restaurant and have it delivered to their specified location. DoorDash deliveries are also known as Dashers, who deliver and pick up the food. Payment is all handled electronically in the app, though the Dashers always appreciate cash tips.

What is the cost of DoorDash delivery?

The cost of a DoorDash order is the total sum of food, delivery fee, taxes, and service fee. You can easily see how much a DoorDash order will cost by installing the DoorDash app and also entering an order. You will all see the exact breakdown of the order cost on the checkout page.

Cost of DoorDash order= tax delivery fee + food cost+ service fee + tip (optional)

Does Doordash add a markup to restaurant prices?

DoorDash merchants control their pricing. DoorDash also does not guarantee the prices inside the app are just as same as prices in the restaurant. If the price is high in the DoorDash app, it is just because the store or restaurant chose to list the high price. Merchants can also choose to list the higher prices in the DoorDash app to make up for the service that DoorDash takes.

What is the delivery fee of DoorDash?

The DoorDash delivery fee generally ranges from $2 -$5. Delivery fee can be higher when it is busy, which will be an indication in the app with a message and icon saying that the delivery fee is high due to increased demand. Delivery fees are also listed in several areas: underneath the restaurant name as you search, on the restaurant page, and also on the order checkout page.

There is also an option in which you can save the delivery fee by searching for restaurants that are temporarily offering discounts and free delivery. There is another option in which you can save a lot on delivery fees by having a DashPass, a $10 per month subscription. With the DashPass, all orders $12 or more than that will have no delivery charge.

How much service fee does DoorDash take?

The service is the percentage added to the total or the order, typically around 12% -15%. It also varies depending on the location and market demand. A line of an item known as “fees and estimated tax” is listed on the DoorDash order page. It lists the total of all DoorDash taxes and fees. Also on the checkout page, tap the small “I” button next to the “fees and estimated tax” to see a breakdown of the taxes and fees.

The small order fee is the fee added to orders that also don’t reach a minimum subtotal. The small order fee is around $3. The minimum subtotal varies from place to place, but it is typically around $12.

Is there a way to save on service taxes or fees? There is no way around the taxes or service fees, so you might need to find another way to save. You can even avoid the small order fee by adding extra items to your order.

How to save on DoorDash: DoorDash promos

There are some of the ways by which you can save on your DoorDash order:

DoorDash promotions and promo codes: All new DoorDash users can save a lot on their first order by using a referral link or a promo code. It is even more difficult for previous users to get credits. You can also refer friends to the app and receive credit when they sign up, also wait for the local promotions by DoorDash, or also try to find a promo code for existing customers.

Dashpass: Dashpass is a $10 per month DoorDash subscription that offers zero delivery fee and reduced service fee on all orders $13 or more. If you are consistently using DoorDash more than a few times each month, Dashpass is worth it.

Dashpass the chase card members: DoorDash is partnered with chase credit cards that provide Dashpass benefits when you use an eligible chase credit card as your default payment method. For example: chase freedom users can get the DashPass benefits for 3 months following the addition of a chase freedom card to the account of DoorDash. For subsequent 9 months, Dashpass is auto renewed at a discounted price. After a year, Dashpass is available again at full price.

How much does the DoorDash driver get paid?

Including the entire fee you pay as a customer, how much goes to the delivery drivers? All of the delivery fees paid by the customers do not essentially go to Dashers. Instead, Dashers are paid according to the formula: base pay + tips + promotions. Base pay is usually $3- $12, typically closer to $3 than $12. Promotions and tips are where they earn the most, but most cities don’t have enough demand to offer frequent promotions. Tips are where the dashers earn. Or can even tip electronically in the app, or cash in person.

Between promotions, base pay, and tips, Dashers hope to get about $9 per delivery, but order payout can be lower. Dashers are also free to decline or accept orders that come their way, and can also decline an order that appears to have a low payout.

Should you tip the DoorDash Driver?

You must tip your DoorDash driver until and unless the Dasher was seriously incompetent or unprofessional. Dashers get a relatively low base pay; occasionally being as low as $3. This means that Dashers earn very little without a tip. Customers can also leave a tip inside the app before or after ordering, and tipping in cash is also allowed.

Another reason to tip when you place the order is that it guarantees faster delivery. Under the current DoorDash pay system, Dashers can see the order payout which includes tips before they accept it. If there is no tip, the payout will be very low and Dashers can decline the order. This means a longer wait time for your order

How to order your food faster from DoorDash?

There are very common-sense tips to speed up the delivery when you order from the DoorDash app:

  • Order from restaurants with a short waiting time
  • Includes clear instructions on how to find the location in the delivery instruction mentioned by the customer
  • Turn on the porch light
  • Try to meet your Dasher outside if your location is hard to find


Owner.com is an all-in-one platform that can be used by small and large-scale restaurants to increase the power of their digital presence. It also allows the technology and marketing superpowers of major brands like Domino’s and Sweetgreen to be independent restaurants. This particular platform can also hold back everything from online ordering, and websites to email marketing and text marketing to also recruiting to branded mobile apps for every restaurant, in an all-in-one solution that also integrates into the PoS.

It is a place that helps all restaurant owners to manage their online presence, and direct sales and also saves money on fees. It also offers direct power to online ordering for restaurants through the websites. Owner.com assists them to take a step back from the gluttonous technology corporations who are pilfering the client relationship and charging an extra fee.

Individual restaurants do not generally have the luxury to have their online food delivery and ordering capabilities to negotiate for lower rates from legacy ordering platforms like big restaurant chains.

This is the time when Owner.com comes into the circumstances. Restaurants that have their customer data can mechanize marketing campaigns. This is why Owner.com is the best choice as compared to other apps.

Consumer demand is shifting primarily to online ordering and delivery over the past 3 years. The revenue for online ordering might shoot double from $300 billion in 2023 to $600 billion in 2025. Some other ordering platforms like GrubHub, DoorDash, and Ubereats control 97% of orders and also charge between 40% to 60% per order to all restaurants and an additional fee to consumers.

On the other hand, Owner.com is free for use for all restaurants while customers are charged a 5% convenience fee when orders are directly placed on the website. This app is looking at managing the entire digital presence of restaurants. The company has also re-launched itself, providing new tools for the users to do everything from creating to updating the websites, to email marketing and leverage features like recruiting and reputation management, so that everything falls under one place versus paying a big amount of subscription for every aspect.

This amazingly designed app has already reached 7-figure run rate and more than 120% of monthly revenue retention across over 900 restaurant locations after finding its foot in the whole crowded space dominated by the main apps like Ubereats, DoorDash, GrubHub, which were also charging between 40% to 50% on orders, a margin often too high for the independent restaurants, which will also represent 60% of the U.S restaurant industry.

It is a top-class online platform to manage the digital presence online. This particular smart app also powers the careers page, automated restaurant marketing, direct online ordering, and loyalty program for restaurants. It is also constantly adding new features and making updates that make it quick and simple for the restaurant owners to handle everything digitally.

The team of Owner.com sincerely follows the feedback of the clients and tries to make the platform better. Before Owner.com, restaurants had no other choice but to take online orders directly from the customers. The staff is also happy that they always get an additional tip from the online orders as well. All of them have a great way to reach the clients and know who they are because they can incarcerate all the data.

The list is getting bigger day by day and now it is even easy to engage with them and give discounts to your loyal customers and also let them know about the new items and promotions that are running every month.

Advantages of Owner.com app: 

  • com provides transparent and high-quality service. Apart from the core features, Owner.com always takes into consideration current trends in the industry to meet the expectations and needs of the customers.
  • The supporting staff is always available so you can communicate with someone who knows everything.

Limitations of Owner.com app:

  • This app is constantly making improvements and changes, and sometimes it is very confusing to also navigate the backend dashboard.

How can this app benefit others?

It is assisting all direct online ordering without having to pay the commission fee to the third party platforms.

Why Owner.com is a good option?

Owner.com can power everything from online ordering to websites to email marketing to content marketing to conscript to branded mobile apps for every restaurant. It also integrates into the POS for restaurants. It is an all-in-one platform that all the individual restaurants use to make a strong digital presence in a competitive world.

The consequence presented by Owner.com

This app has considerably improved the onboarding times and boosted- boarding team confidence with great integrated solutions. It has also helped all the local business owners to take back control. More than thousands of restaurant owners from small to large scale restaurants use the Owner.com platform to take back control, save fees, enjoy direct sales and also administer the online occurrence.

The squad behind Owner.com wants to help all restaurant owners to have a strong online presence, and also save costs and boost sales in the whole situation. Owner.com provides an all-in-one service that comprises unique features like digital marketing, online ordering, commission-free delivery, loyalty programs, and a job board. Owner.com gives importance to its customer’s brand, not its own, center, and front of the site.

Owner.com VS. Doordash

Online delivery and ordering systems for restaurants offer a clear sales channel for restaurants. Clients browse menu items, select what they want to order, and also make payments through the restaurant website or app. Once they have received the order, the restaurant prepares the food and delivers it to a particular customer location. This helps all the small-scale restaurants to reach a bigger market and serve customers without requiring them to come to the restaurant.

Considering these two major platforms, it all becomes a matter of personal choice when you have to pick out one. If you want to save money on orders and offer a personalized experience of your business to clients, opt for Owner.com. However, DoorDash is also a great option if you are looking to expand the reach of your business.