ChowNow vs Slice: Pizzerias Special or a Complete Restaurant Solution?

ChowNow vs Slice




Technology has remained a biggest growth-driver to the restaurant industry over the past few years. Whether it is a complete restaurant business on the whole or a pizzeria focusing on pizza cuisine, technology is making a mark in the entire food industry.

Adapting to new challenges is no longer that difficult. But some brands are taking the level of competition to the next level, which has prompted scalability issues for new businesses.

Existing players have already built a competitive landscape through a vigorous investment in their digital storefronts and ended up with a leading role in the online food delivery segment.

As a result, some underperforming restaurants are looking forward to alternatives such as getting a website or app that is less expensive but more beneficial in terms of progression. It isn’t hidden that faster and more affordable adaptability is the key to success.

Traditional methods of obtaining a website or app are not only expensive, but also time-consuming. This is where online ordering systems like ChowNow and Slice come into play.

The ChowNow online ordering system has long been a popular choice for restaurants; at the same time, Slice is popular among pizzerias. But, in ChowNow vs. Slice, which brand is best for your food brand? Read on to get the answer.


ChowNow vs Slice: Business Overview



a brief introduction about ChowNow


The online ordering system is a blessing to most restaurants in America which were living in anxiety so far on the assumption that they can’t afford an online presence.

Simply put, if you run a restaurant in the US and are looking to upgrade to an online food delivery business model with or without your existing business model, ChowNow might help.

Traditionally, you had only two options left. Either you had to knock on the doors of a digital marketing company to have an online website and then reach out to a delivery service provider, or you had to cut back on profits by paying a hefty commission to third-party aggregators.

But all such things have been strictly eliminated from the equation by ChowNow. The online ordering platform assists you in creating a fully furnished website from the ground up.

The platform supports your online business vision with its pre-built setup, ready to work for its clients with just a few basic customizations. Partly, ChowNow also works as an aggregator platform through its app, which works as a marketplace for food brands.

There’s much more on offer at the ChowNow online ordering system. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that any restaurant or food supplier can join ChowNow.



Slice Life


Slice Life, also known by its nickname “Slice,” is an online ordering solution designed for pizzerias. The platform reduces or entirely eliminates pizzerias’ dependency on third-party aggregators.

Without losing your online business ownership or falling into crazy fees, the platform ensures a steep rise in the pizzeria’s business growth.

The brand, the platform, has its online pizza delivery solution available to every pizzeria in the United States, including New York, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and many other local cities.

The range of solutions provided by SliceLife to pizzerias includes a customized website, online ordering, pizzeria POS, brand management, pizzeria marketing, and much more.

Slice specialises in providing a comprehensive online ordering solution to pizza cafes. As a result, the platform may not be appropriate for every restaurant that serves food other than pizza.

The platform is pizza niche-centered and believes in providing a complete solution to pizzerias.


Comparing ChowNow vs Slice Solution to Restaurants



features of ChowNow


ChowNow’s online ordering solution for restaurants is categorised into four different categories. As an aspiring member, restaurants are provided the option to choose a specific solution or subscribe to a complete package available on a monthly or yearly subscription plan. Here’s a short brief on these solutions that you must learn:

Reaching new customers

The solution encompasses “Order Better Network” and “ChowNow Marketplace,” the two mainstream products provided by the platform.

The “order better network” basically provides restaurant exposure to multiple platforms on the web. As networking is the most vital factor for business growth, this ChowNow solution is heavily influenced by this notion.

ChowNow has a giant online connection that aids in the faster discoverability of restaurants online. Similarly, the “ChowNow marketplace” is an app-based platform where eligible restaurants can list themselves to receive orders online from the existing user base of ChowNow. The app acts like an aggregator platform.

Own Your Ordering

The solution helps restaurants by owning a “website ordering system” and a “branded mobile app.” If you don’t have a dedicated online portfolio, website, or app, you need not worry. ChowNow will make it available to you at a reasonable price with this solution.

Not only do you access a well-built website or app, but you even access the valuable data of customers that keeps you exposed to potential opportunities that lead to securing sales and profits.

The solution even encompasses marketing guidance and a membership program, quite helpful for start-ups.

Simplify Operations

If the complexity of the restaurant business is something that always daunts you, ChowNow’s simplified operations have come to your rescue. The solution consists of a “delivery, dine-in, and pickup” facility and “order management” with 24×7 assistance.

If the restaurant has no delivery fleet facility, simply ask ChowNow, which has flexible solutions for the purpose. Similarly, the platform partners with many integration platforms that aid in the smooth business management of restaurants through POS integration.

Explore flexible delivery

It is a delivery-specific solution offered by ChowNow to restaurants, with a well-described fee and charge structure for restaurants that want to opt for this particular service from ChowNow.

Please note: In case you want your restaurant to benefit from all of ChowNow’s services, you can select the “ChowNow Direct” pack, in which all services are centralized into a monthly or yearly subscription plan.



Exploring flexible delivery


Let’s take a look at the mainstream solutions provided by Slice Life for pizzerias online. Compared to ChowNow, these solutions are more specifically described and don’t come in a special package. Without further ado, let’s watch them out.

Customized Website

Everyone loves a customized experience, and when it comes to branding, customization becomes the most appreciated term. If you’re a local pizzeria without a personal website, Slice’s solution is designed for you.

Online Ordering

A website could be just a portfolio describing your brand. But an online ordering system is an integration that brings the overall “online food delivery functioning” to life.

Pizzeria POS

Pizzeria POS solution assists you in smooth order tracking and order management online. You can check all essential things live on the interface.

Marketing Services

Building a brand could be a one-time investment, but maintaining that status over time invites continued investment. An extensive investment of capital goes into the product’s marketing. But here you access it on small charges.  

Brand Management

Slice offers a proper brand management solution to restaurants in order to keep the messages a brand wishes to convey and the information flow free of disruptions or errors.

Pizzeria Marketplace

The pizzeria marketplace works in the same way as third-party aggregators, with all pizzerias listing themselves and benefiting from the collaborative marketplace.

Discounted Supplies

The rebate helps you form discounted offers, which have long been the key driving factor for customers at the table.

Payment Processing

Smooth checkout is the key to keeping the liquidity and business funding cycles in full motion. Slice Life pays special attention to this particular business activity.

Receipt Partners

We are digital nomads, hating manual receipts that are hard to handle. Slice life is aware of this particular challenge pretty well and provides a completely digitalized payment and receipt solution that’s faster and more reliable. 


ChowNow Vs Slice: Getting Started



Expanding restaurants and managing profits 


Once you are determined to partner with ChowNow for the online ordering solution, you can start with the application process. The criteria will be basic. Use the sign-up button on ChowNow’s interface, and a page will appear on the screen.

Here, you need to provide some basic contact details so that the ChowNow representative can reach you through them. The information requested by the platform from aspiring members is as follows: your first name, last name, email ID, phone number, restaurant name, and zip code.

If you have any queries, you will be discussing them in real-time with the ChowNow representative. The overall solution is true to its promises.



a form shown on the picture with a title of growing business 


Getting started at Slice Life is also easy. Simply use that “Get Started” button, wherever you find it on the SliceLife official website. Hereafter, a page will appear on your screen asking you to provide some basic details about your business and yourself.

For example, you must provide your first name, last name, email, phone number, restaurant name, restaurant zip code, and any additional notes (for example, if you have a specific question that needs to be answered immediately). 


ChowNow Vs Slice: Operation Handling



Operation Handling 


ChowNow order management makes operation handling a breeze. The dashboard provides you with a way to get rid of annoying busy work related to menu editing, order management, and setting ready times.

With integrated POS functionality, you will be managing all your online orders through a single interface. The facility does not just assist you in online operations; you can also effectively manage your offline work. As such, you can send tickets straight to the POS and then to the printer in your kitchen.

Otter and Cuboh are the two main integration partners of ChowNow who help you receive ChowNow orders straight on your POS. You can even streamline delivery-related functions and other operational activities of restaurants with the tech-enabled solution offered by ChowNow.



Placing an order into one place 


Slice’s online ordering solution rids restaurants of complexities that are quite common in the pizza supply chain. By digitalizing your in-store operations, SliceLife unlocks the full advantage of becoming its partner.

Simply put, via its technical approach, the brand centralizes the order processing for customers. One can place an order in person, all on a single screen. Like ChowNow, tickets will be generated electronically at the industry’s best price.

Apart from orders, Slice Life even helps restaurants streamline staff timing. In short, the brand will optimize the workflows from start to finish.

Even if you are a start-up with no technical integration in place, Slice Life will come for your assistance. The platform ensures the availability of card terminals, a cash drawer, a kitchen printer, a slice register, and a receipt printer at your restaurant.

If you are completely unaware of what else will be requisite for the modern online delivery chain of your pizza business, don’t worry. Slice Life will assist you in that. In addition, a complete brand management solution is also offered.


ChowNow vs Slice: Marketing Solutions to Restaurants



Marketing Solutions to Restaurants 


Order Network

ChowNow’s main motive is to provide your restaurant exposure to more audiences on a giant scale. For this, the platform utilizes its network. ChowNow helps your brand get featured in multiple locations across the web. Some might allow you to upload your menu and attract traffic from the respective sources. Like in the physical world, networking is the key to success across the digital landscape. That’s why ChowNow has a special focus on the network.

Automated Emails

The marketing tools of ChowNow encompass automated emails as well. The solution eliminates the need for third-party arrangements for email sharing. All emails will be shared to go directly to customers’ inboxes. Whether it is a detail-related order placement or a special offer launched by your restaurant, automated emails will share all needed alerts in real-time.

Print Marketing

In addition to digital marketing, print marketing facilities are also available for restaurants. Simply share your requirements with the online ordering platform ChowNow and get a high-quality print for your online business.

All restaurant marketing services are offered as a package, so you don’t have to look for specific marketing assistance separately. 



Automated Markerting  


Automated Email

Free automated emails are provided by SliceLife to restaurants that use its online ordering solution. But it’s worth noting that the automated emails will cover basic emails, including order confirmations, etc.

Digital Advertising

In addition to free marketing support, premium service for digital advertising is also available. By paying $500 for one campaign, you can make more people aware of your existence in the market. The campaign is a bit expensive but reasonable, as a dedicated person will be in charge of these campaigns.

Direct mail marketing

Direct email marketing is also available at 5 cents per mailer. The facility will allow you to run a personalized marketing campaign to draw more sales in through a loyal chain of customers.

Performance Bundle

Restaurants that want to benefit from digital advertising and direct mail marketing at the same time are given a combo offer, the “performance bundle.” By paying a subscription amount of $500 for three months, you can enjoy all kinds of marketing services the brand provides.

Brand Management

One of the most powerful and comprehensive solutions provided by SliceLife to customers is “brand management.” In this particular solution, restaurants are assisted through optimized search listings to build a presence across the web. As part of this solution, the SliceLife team will even respond to the customer’s reviews and publish engaging content daily. Integrated ordering, boosted search results on Google, and data insights—all these additional facilities will come at $99/month charges.


ChowNow vs Slice: The Overall Pricing



Plans for every restaurant 


ChowNow’s pricing for its services is clear-cut. If you want to access a complete restaurant solution from ChowNow, you can simply go to the “Order Direct” option and select the subscription plan that fits your needs.

The platform provides three subscription plans: a monthly plan, a yearly plan, and a two-year plan. If you are a beginner, have some trust issues, and just want to take a premium trial of ChowNow’s online ordering solution for restaurants, you can simply choose the $199/mo subscription plan.

Give the system a complete month, and once you are satisfied with ChowNow’s services, we recommend opting for a yearly or 2-year subscription plan as you will be paying less for the service. However, it is worth noting that a credit fee of 2.95% plus $0.20 will be charged additionally.

Delivery service is provided at no cost until you choose Flex Delivery, a dedicated delivery solution provided by ChowNow, in which a $3.99 delivery fee is charged to both restaurants and customers separately.



Earlier, SliceLife used to have three pricing plans: Slice Complete, Slice Premium, and Slice Essentials. But now the pricing is decided by pizzerias. Simply put, the brand’s services are so pervasive and versatile that they now enable restaurant operators to put forward their particular requirements for a solution or a couple of solutions that the online ordering system provides.

However, the pricing of some of SliceLife’s facilities has been specified in particular by the brand. Such as, you can purchase a digital advertising facility for $500 for one campaign. The direct email advertising facility is starting at 5 cents per mailer. Scannable menu cards are available for 8 cents per menu.

Similarly, the promo code suppliers and box stickers are available in the “Performance Bundle,” a combo offer that provides you all benefits for $500 per month for three months.


ChowNow vs Slice: Mobile Application



Local Food Ordering 


With the rise of mobile ordering culture, dining-out experiences have become more inconvenient for customers. Food delivery apps and technology are making order placement a breeze, and the benefits aren’t just limited to customers, as restaurants are also flourishing.

Such as, ChowNow app where restaurants benefit from customer acquisition because the application is a well-established marketplace with thousands of installs. This shows that the app is actively used by most local eaters in the US.  The 4.5+ star rating on the Google Play Store is confirming that people don’t easily leave the app.

Eligible restaurants or ChowNow partners will have direct access to the application, where they will be listing their businesses and thereby attracting customers to their restaurants. The overall interface of the app is good-looking, optimized, and feature-rich.

However, it replicates the functionality of a third-party aggregating app. So if you already have any good experience on a third-party platform, you will rarely find any challenges in adapting to the application.



Slice: Pizza Delivery/Pick Up 


With a 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store and over 1 million installs, Slice Life is undoubtedly a competitive player in this debate. The pizzeria’s special app has multiple functionalities, each focused on powering up the business of restaurants online.

The application has an automated reward system, and many interactive promotional offers actively run 24×7 on the interface. As a result, customer retention is impressive on the app-based marketplace.

Restaurants are even offered a special opportunity to promote their brand and be exposed to more customers and conversions. You can access these premium facilities right from your SliceLife dashboard.


ChowNow Vs Slice: User Support



ChowNow is always serious about providing a fantastic experience to its clients and customers. Therefore, the platform has a dedicated support network for customers and restaurants separately. If you run into any problems in the future, you can contact ChowNow’s team via phone or direct chat support. 



SliceLife’s support network also garners positive ratings because the platform provides multiple support solutions to its customers and clients. But if we specifically talk about restaurants, they can connect with SliceLife directly via a landline number, chat box on the website, and an exclusive contact form. The platform provides instant support to its pizzeria partners, so you can have peace of mind.



ChowNow and Slice have a history of serving truly phenomenal experiences to restaurants. But as we know, Slice is better known for its online ordering solution for pizza suppliers. At the same time, ChowNow is better known for its comprehensive solutions for restaurants. 

ChowNow’s solutions aren’t centralized for a specific food niche, but Slice’s business model is niche-focused. In a nutshell, if you run a restaurant specializing in pizza menus, you can surely celebrate some outstanding results from SliceLife solutions because everything offered by the platform has extra benefits. Alternatively, ChowNow is wrapping up some great solutions for restaurants in general.