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ChowNow vs


Restaurant online ordering systems are a lifeline to new restaurants or existing food brands on the edge of drowning in the market as expenses are higher in business. A pandemic-infused at-home dining culture has been forcing restaurants to offer off-premise dining. As a result, restaurants wholeheartedly embraced online ordering, which gets them faster returns.

However, as the on-site dining trend returns to normal, some restaurant service providers are coming up with even more innovative solutions. These service providers are giving restaurants the ability to create customizable user experiences on the go.

Simply put, ChowNow and are two of the fastest-emerging names in the online ordering system and marketplace. The current market outlook makes it clear that innovative solutions like online ordering systems are here to stay for independent restaurants.

As an aspiring folk, if you are also inclined towards these innovative methods of running, managing, and scaling a food delivery brand online, Read on—here’s a detailed brief on ChowNow vs.


Business Overview 



logo of ChowNow


It looks like ChowNow has addressed every minor issue of the restaurant industry and transformed them into the solutions that every food brand seeks. If you don’t already have an online ordering platform, ChowNow will help you get one.

With a complete suite of customizable features, ChowNow helps you establish a solid presence in the web world with just a few clicks of a button.

Founded in 2011, the Los Angeles-based food brand differentiates itself from traditional third-party-based online food ordering applications that charge huge fees and commissions per order for their food delivery services.

For a small monthly charge, you can own your own online presence through ChowNow and take commission-free orders from your customers right on your own digital portal rather than a third-party platform.

However, the brand doesn’t provide delivery service, but it can help strengthen your own restaurant delivery fleet.

Why ChowNow?

If you are looking for an alternative that saves you a hefty commission on third-party food ordering apps or aggregators and also provides you with a personalized marketing experience at a lower cost, you may find ChowNow to be an excellent alternative. The platform helps you take orders directly from your own website through your brand’s ordering app. 

Automated email marketing and other integrated systems take your restaurant’s progress to a whole new level. Not just does the brand provide delivery convenience to its existing customer base, but it even helps you attract new users to the site. But unfortunately, not all benefits are covered in one basket. ChowNow has three mainstream products in order, and as a joiner you need to choose any one or two.

Business overview of


The intent of is also analogous to ChowNow. The online marketplace helps you own your restaurant online. From restaurants to pizzerias, the restaurant service provider is also helping people cut back on the commission that they were supposed to be paying to third-party delivery apps or aggregators.

Simply give your restaurant brand name to, and the team will provide you access to your custom-built web presence that’s entirely meant to make online activities more personalized for your business.

Unlike conventional online food delivery partners or aggregators, won’t charge you a commission per order. But as usual, it will charge you a monthly fee that’s quite obvious for the service. It’s worth nothing that delivery services are also available via the DoorDash network.

Why provides a comprehensive solution when it comes to online business building for restaurants or food brands. These brands have been trusted by thousands of local restaurants in the US because, in addition to offering a simple online ordering solution, they have a well-working restaurant funnel in their offer. 

You can build your customer base from scratch or you can build your own database, collect customer names and other important details, and reuse them for marketing purposes. More than an online ordering system, the business model of is more like that of a digital marketing firm for restaurants. But it’s worth it because everything desired or asked by a restaurant operator for online business growth is made accessible by


Comparing ChowNow Vs Pricing 



Pricing of ChowNow


Pricing is one of the most important subjects when it comes to financial talks in business. If you are interested in offering ChowNow services to restaurants, you will have to comply with a major condition: the price.

ChowNow helps you create your own online storefront in the form of a website and app that are indeed free to get, but charges still apply. The service provider enhances the overall business setup with features such as customized menus, mobile-optimized platforms, and other useful tools.

The three mainstream products of ChowNow are “Order Better Network,”  “ChowNow Marketplace,” and “ChowNow Direct,” and it’s worthwhile to note that each product has been given a unique price structure.

The “Order Better Network” assists you in solidifying your local food delivery supply chain with tech integration at zero cost. Alternatively, you can sign up for ChowNow’s flexible delivery service, and the brand itself will connect you to a delivery support provider in case you are ready to pay some charges.

Fortunately, no frustrating commissions will be charged per order except for the $199/month subscription fee for the complete set-up. Additionally, a credit card fee of 2.95% + $0.20 will be levied per transaction.

If you just want a website from ChowNow, you can get it for $29/month plus a $20 annual domain fee, which will be charged separately. The two-year plan will cost you $14 per month plus a $20 annual domain fee.

Pricing of Owner


The pricing structure of is personalized for each restaurant. As previously stated, serves as a digital marketing agency for restaurants in addition to serving as an online ordering platform. It assists you in developing an online presence and growing as a food brand. You can ask the brand for a more personalized offer, and the pricing will be shared by the service provider for the given demand. By doing so, a negotiation option might be available too.


Online Ordering System: ChowNow Vs



Online Ordering System - ChowNow


ChowNow’s online ordering system is dynamic because you have access to multiple solutions rather than just one. Simply put, the brand offers four solutions to choose from, depending on whether you want to “reach new customers,” “own your ordering system,” “simplify operations,” or “offer flexible delivery.”

If you want to own an online ordering system, you simply tap on “own your ordering system” by going into the “product” option on the navigation bar. Without any fuss, the brand provides a simple online ordering system that’s easy to manage for the operator and easy to use for the user.

Easy add-ons and a custom-built menu with a clean and focused layout are some of the notable aspects of the online ordering system. The mobile friendliness, order and download buttons, and built-in social media links provide you with a fully customizable experience.

You can even request ChowNow for a demo, and the service provider will be available to clarify any doubts you might have right now. That’s not enough; by joining ChowNow, you will gain exposure to the “Order Better Network” and the “Chow Now Marketplace.”

With Order Better Network, the service provider will extend your brand’s presence throughout the internet. The brand has widespread connections, enhancing the discoverability of your business on the go.

Similarly, the “ChowNow marketplace” is mainly an opportunity for your business to get listed on the ChowNow mobile app and gain exposure to thousands of customers at no cost.

Online Ordering System - Owner


The online ordering system at also has a unique reputation in this area. Like ChowNow, also helps you build a unique website from scratch.

However, if you already have one but lack the time or skills to effectively run your online business, can help.

The company primarily assists in the creation of effective online funnels that attract, engage, and convert audiences into prospective buyers of your website. You will be transforming your existing website or the website built by into a powerful tool for online sales.

With built-in marketing, the brand makes the ongoing process of building an online restaurant a breeze. With a one-click account, you can delight customers, empower a smooth experience across your website, and retain existing customers with a loyalty program for restaurants.

The online ordering solution provider even helps your brand with staff recruitment. You can get qualified applicants with your own job board, which will be flashing on your website 24 hours a day until it is no longer in your business’s use.


How to Get Started? & Who Makes it Easy?



Overview of ChowNow

Starting out with ChowNow turns out to be a bit confusing for newcomers due to the complexity of features and products, but people—especially busy businessmen—are still observing a need for streamlined features.

 Going ahead with the sign-up process, you are given a form by ChowNow. You need to provide basic details, including first name, last name, email, and contact numbers. Be careful while mentioning the zip code and restaurant name. Any spelling mistakes could cause problems for both the service provider and you.

That’s great if you already have a domain or website; alternatively, you can ask the brand to help you get a new one. Upon signing up, you will be given access to all necessary tools and features, including the mainstream solutions provided by ChowNow.

Similarly, by paying a subscription amount (as discussed earlier in this review), more amazing features will be unlocked for you. The overall dashboard provides you enhanced accessibility to features and the database in the backend.

As a result, the likelihood of any error or confusion is reduced. One thing that deserves appreciation is the simplified operations of ChowNow. It can be difficult in the initial stage as you can encounter trouble coordinating chores.

But at the end of the day, you will learn the whole concept on your own.

Overview of Owner


Starting out with is easy. The restaurant service provider helps you get more sales into your business right from the moment you pass on the basic application step.

The company wants to make things clear and transparent for its users, and that’s why it has its “Demo Account” featured in the special highlighted box.

Simply use your email address, restaurant name, and contact details to gain access to the demo account, and upon signing up, switch to the online ordering system with a few clicks of a button.

The dashboard of the real online ordering account provides you direct access to restaurant funnels, built-in email marketing channels, and many other interesting items. If you have a domain, you can simply grant access to the domain and allow to infuse its skills and experience into your product.

All restaurant marketing solutions, including up-sell mastery, email marketing, review magnets, and built-in loyalty, are available at the nearest distance on the dashboard. A customized menu allows you to make your business more personalized.

Simply put, you can make an interactive menu and use your own images as attention grabbers to target people’s hunger. The brand leaves no stone untouched in providing you with a considerable marketing benefit.

For example, you can benefit from funnel building, customer database management, email marketing, optimized SEO, built-in loyalty, a review box, and much more.


The Key Integration of ChowNow vs



Key integration of ChowNow


The key integrations of ChowNow are remarkable, for sure. The brand has made a concerted effort to relieve you of the vexing task of order processing and management. All in-house sales will stay under your control through a single interface that even allows you to readily edit menus online.

Thanks to the ChowNow POS (point of sale) integration for narrowing down the complexities and providing a one-stop solution to restaurants. The POS facility by ChowNow is capable of running on every point of sale system.

Still, you are advised to make it certain yourself. Not every online ordering system can be linked with any POS system.

Key integration of Owner also assists restaurants with a streamlined database, thanks to POS integration for restaurants. You can integrate almost every POS system with your online ordering system.

Since, most of the time, will be working as just a digital marketing company for your restaurant, there’s no restriction or limitation on POS integration. Aside from POS integration, the brand also offers ticket printing and other interesting support.

Like ChowNow, also simplifies the database and management process for its owners. From setting up the system to centralizing the flow of information, can provide a comprehensive solution. The best part is that all of the built-in marketing and data bases can be managed from a POS-linked online ordering system. 


The Mobile Application 



Mobile Application of ChowNow


The ChowNow mobile app is installable from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The application has thousands of users and a 4.5+ star rating. The app is gaining popularity as a local food ordering app in most cities and towns across the United States.

By listing your restaurant brand on the ChowNow mobile app, you gain exposure to thousands of customers in the restaurant market. The best part is that the listing will be free of charge.

Built-in marketing, such as mobile notification and SMS marketing, will get your restaurant brand added benefits from the ChowNow mobile app.

It’s worth noting that the listing app works like other restaurant brand listing platforms. Your brand will be visible as a category or in the menu bar alongside other local restaurant brands. For this reason, the application solution has been featured as a “ChowNow marketplace.”

On one side, you can call it a shortcoming because personal brand exposure to customers is absent. But from another perspective, it can be a great benefit because your restaurant will benefit from cross-selling.

However, it’s better to figure out whether ChowNow provides paid promotion benefits. If it is available, you will be allowed to run an in-page ad that will provide your online business with a first-mover advantage., on the other hand, offers an all-in-one solution. But it’s worth noting that the platform doesn’t mention anything related to apps. Every service available by to restaurants incorporates only websites.

But there’s never a “NO” for applications. If you want to own an application in addition to or along with the website, you can put forward your request, and’s representative will quote the price.  

Compared to ChowNow, you don’t see a listing for a facility in services. Nonetheless, you get good value for the money you put into building your online business. 


Customer Support Service



Customer service support


ChowNow’s customer support is excellent, and it is certified by existing restaurants that are active members of ChowNow. The brand provides 24×7 customer support, and the experienced team effectively tackles all issues you encounter in real time.

The company’s team incorporates former bartenders, managers, and servers who are deeply rooted in the restaurant industry, understand the needs of food delivery businesses, and proactively address and resolve the issue as it arises.

Major sources to connect with the ChowNow customer support team are the chatbot, email, and direct phone calls. Beyond customer support, you can even benefit from membership programs.

Customer support of Owner’s 24×7 customer support service is also noteworthy. Like ChowNow, the online service provider for restaurant brands is available for assistance throughout the day.

However, there’s no available method to judge the overall responsiveness and ratings of’s customer support. But since the brand has been available for a while now and many restaurant businesses’ testimonials are a clue describing the legitimacy of it, you can trust their support service. In addition to the support service, you can even access free coaching, monthly events, chat, and phone support.


Additional Features of ChowNow and



Additional features of ChowNow


Given below is a list of additional features offered by ChowNow to restaurant operators:


One of the most vital things that can build or ruin your online presence is the visuals. Images used in the menu and overall theme must feature high-quality visuals. But most brands lose on this important metric. Any copied image is prohibited from being used online, so it’s better if you create your own image. However, if you are not experienced in this area, ChowNow can assist you.

Assorted Solutions

The feature that distinguishes ChowNow from other online ordering systems is its assorted menu. Restaurant operators are needed to select between “reaching new customers,” “owning your ordering,” “simply operating,” and “flexible delivery,” where each solution has its own unique benefit.

Features of Owner


Given below are additional services and solutions offered by to restaurants. The list is lengthy, but some of the most noteworthy are as follows:

Review Magnet

Most buying decisions are influenced by reviews from others. And is well versed in this basic marketing principle. That’s why each online ordering system built by is given a review section, and the key to managing them is always in the restaurant operator’s hand.

Showcase Specials

Coupons, combo offers, and discounted offers should be visible in the big picture. With this in mind, a special space is provided by on the websites of restaurants that connect with the company.

Upsell encourages repeated orders to restaurants with upsell features that bring relevant cuisines and menu items onto the display. If you have low-cost food items or anything else that a customer might be interested in purchasing alongside a recent product they have purchased, it will appear on their screen immediately.

System Independent

Within the system, most marketing modules operate independently. You simply need to give input to the online ordering platform, and most things will run on automation.




The review of ChowNow vs. is finally over. Both platforms are building their names in the online food delivery market and are emerging as an affordable and effective solution for restaurants and food brands. ChowNow solutions are assorted, but price-wise, it is understandable. At the same time, offers all-in-one solutions, but pricing varies from one restaurant to another. 

Both platforms are competitors of each other, catering to the needs of restaurant operators differently. The ultimate choice is yours.