Owner.com Vs Slice: Which Platform is the Right Business Choice for You

Owner Vs Slice


Due to the higher ROI and increased involvement in terms of orders, the advantages of investing in restaurant technology cannot be overstated. Customers increasingly recognize and anticipate greater resiliency from the food industry. 

Restaurant technology is now in use to meet the proper expectations of consumers and to deliver benefits. At least 73% of customers feel that restaurant technology helps them improve their experience, according to several figures and studies. 

The use of technology cannot be viewed as a luxury for restaurant proprietors. It’s now more than just a requirement. 

Additionally, technology’s importance in business today has grown due to how much it streamlines the entire process. According to some figures, 29% of diners visit restaurants with limited services. 

Overall, the ability of the restaurant industry to leave a mark and an impression on customers are impacted by technology. Technology use has several important advantages, including improved eating experiences, cost savings, and enhanced productivity. 

Owner.com and Slice have long been superior options when discussing the platforms’ usefulness and which ones are the best to use. The best option must still be chosen, though. 

Therefore, the focus of this article or discussion is on contrasting various platforms based on the following criteria: 

  • How do the two websites operate? 
  • Which internet ordering method is better for the restaurant? 
  • Which platform is more innovative and technologically advanced? 

This discussion or post would make it apparent which platform should be used and what the participants believe to be the benefits and drawbacks. If you need help deciding which platform to use or are having trouble deciding, continue reading to learn more about the content and the differences between the sections and to help you make a more business-focused decision. 


Owner.com Vs Slice: A Business Overview 





The idea of managing an online restaurant may appeal to everyone, and as far as technology is concerned, the greatest choice would be to compensate you appropriately. This is what Owner.com provides.

Using account-based marketing or content management, Owner.com gives you an unbeatable advantage in the online restaurant market.

This platform will always assist you in terms of performance, accelerating and lowering the cost of online operations. With this cutting-edge digital platform, you can operate your business in the best manner possible. Switching to this network would be the best alternative available to you.

Thanks to this platform, technology, and marketing are now coming back in terms of higher ROI and robustness. 

One of the main benefits of using this platform is its easy use. It is an outstanding platform for controlling the web presence. It contains features including reward programs, automatic marketing, and a job page.

The constant updates and inclusion of new features enhance the value of this platform.


Using this technology, you can tenfold the size of your processes. This technology is also very user-friendly, affordable, and effective.

Because of this technology’s benefits, listing growth and the benefit to the owner are both exponential. Therefore, when using Owner.com, always accept the finest.

The restaurant mobile app feature would be helpful for you and the website in terms of online operations. The business provides services that exempt you from paying fees to third parties.

Owner.com satisfies the demand for a well-structured ecosystem and increasing dependence because the entire system is based on creating profits for the owner. Owner.com is a big success regardless of the business size; from pizza shops to full-service restaurant franchises.

With this handy one-stop solution, you can regain control, aim for direct sales, cut costs by eliminating fees, and manage your web presence.





The online ordering system for restaurants, called Slice Life, was created specifically for pizza distributors. Slice can assist you with its consolidated solution if you run a pizzeria.

Local pizzerias have relied on the business for years to help them market and sell their distinctive pizza types to customers in US states and towns. It makes it possible for these restaurant brands to compete directly with major pizza chains.

Slice is a similar online ordering tool to Owner.com that streamlines the tasks and complexity of restaurant company operations. With a solid digital and mobile infrastructure, the business has been focusing solely on the pizzeria sector.

Therefore, if you run a pizzeria, Slice might work for you.


Owner.com Vs Slice: Solutions and Services Parameters of Difference 





Owner.com’s solutions concentrate on one objective: improving restaurant operations. The aim and Owner.com both have a lot to offer as the ideal alternatives to any pricey option.

The company puts a lot of effort into giving you a simple case solution for restaurant marketing, online restaurant ordering, and support. It has a more cost-effective structure and is delivered to you in the appropriate time frame. Owner.com is the best option for you to break into the marketing industry and leave your imprint on everything from dish reviews to direct upselling.

The platform offers a complete ecosystem via which different marketing methods, such as content-based and email marketing, can be implemented.

Owners of restaurants have complete access to the digital portfolio, which provides them with real-time access to customer data and business insights. The website and application would be kept up to date by The Owner.com. The restaurant owner only needs to access the website and make the necessary updates to provide seamless operation and performance. Utilizing this platform yields a more unique and customized solution.

With the help of this restaurant technology, you can access all options at no cost. You get access to one of the best collections of features, all of which are free and have a stronger impact. So enjoy a whole package of advantages with Owner.com.

Marketing is essential for any industry to display and promote its brand properly. Utilizing Owner.com’s marketing approach, you can gain from features like funnel marketing, SEO optimization, feedback, email marketing, showcase discounts, and visitor conversion.

With its restaurant technology feature set, you can access commission-free delivery, dish ratings, upselling, loyalty built-ins, measure marketing, and independent marketing.

Owner.com provides a robust and more objective-focused support platform. You can get your questions answered as effectively as possible because it has a responsive network and a more reliable foundation.



The majority of Slice’s online ordering options are divided into three categories. Restaurant owners can choose from any of the three options or use all three. While doing so will cost you a little more upfront, you might also be eligible for discount deals. The following is an explanation of these solutions:

Control ordering

Slice ensures that pizza enthusiasts will see your company by providing a web ordering option. By centralizing restaurant in-store and online sales, Slice significantly minimizes job load. With a single dashboard, restaurants even have complete control over their menus.

Operation Simplification

Slice ensures that all errors and complications are eliminated by merging mobile and digital platforms with POS systems created specifically for pizza restaurants. However, Owner.com even provides POS integration and meets the requirements of every restaurant. Because Slice specializes in a particular market, the business may assist with packaging, supplies, and promotional items.

Successful Marketing

Your brand will appear in the top Google search results, thanks to the Slice marketing solution. But it still needs to be obvious how successful they are in this market. In addition to this, Slice also provides certain fundamental marketing services.


Starting with Slice and Owner.com





Owner.com’s functionality is defined by compatibility and exceptional quality. The website features are simpler to use and more SEO-focused, which increases the likelihood that your business will be successful.

The website’s service-based layout is user-friendly and places a stronger emphasis on efficiency. Owner.com offers a free trial that covers all the essentials, from the tools and services provided in the platform to the solid network of customer assistance, the guarantee, and additional blog-based advertising.

Utilizing the most advanced technology available allows you to learn a lot in addition to providing a service. Additional case studies, blog pieces, and examples are available on the website for thorough learning and serving. With this, achieving success in the realm of online ordering is easier.





Starting with Slice is also relatively easy. The online ordering service provider also doesn’t ask you to put a range of documents first. It’s as simple as the form-filing process. Keep filling up the documents and answering questions, and your restaurant profile will be ready to get featured online. As you can see in the form above, you will start with your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Restaurant Name, and Restaurant address.

Upon giving these basic details, you must tick mark the services you are interested in. A representative will reach out with the best solution based on the given ticks. For example – it can be digital advertising, direct mail, menu cards, tamper-proof sticks, or anything given in the list. 

The company’s solutions have been built around the given services. You must have them evaluated first and select the right option.


Marketing Solutions: Owner.com Vs Slice 



owner.com vs slice


The value of marketing your products and services can never be undermined. The marketing strategy used by Owner.com provides a wide range of possibilities to consider. Thousands of restaurant operators trust this technology due to its advantages and benefits.

Here, marketing is offered in several categories, including visitor conversions, email marketing, specials for the showcase, customer databases, feedback, and funnels, among others.

Owner.com provides you with the option to quickly convert visitors into customers, which is the main objective of marketing. Use this technology, which is multifaceted and goal-oriented, to overcome the increasingly severe competition and put your brand in the public eye like never before.





With its marketing strategy, Slice Life promises to get 50% more repeat business. The platform for online ordering supports a restaurant loyalty program that allows you to reward your consumers online.

Restaurants are also provided with automated marketing solutions in addition to that. Similar to what Owner.com does, it mostly addresses notifications given to clients via emails and app notifications.

The company guarantees even the top Google search results for your brand. It is a big promise because using white-hat SEO to rank organically takes time. Any abrupt rise can be a sign of black hat SEO.


The Overall Pricing Structure: Owner.com and Slice 





Pricing is one of the major problems when integrating outside help in the context of restaurant technology. Owner.com is here to make things simpler for you, though. Owner.com is your best option if you want a customized price structure that is more location sensitive.

The establishment you own determines the pricing in this section. You must give the name of your restaurant so that it can understand how the pricing in your situation impacts you. The value of the Owner.com option is increased by this feature, which enables you to adopt a more personalized strategy.

To ensure that you pay the least amount possible, you must provide a few details.





Slice’s pricing for its online ordering services has been carefully considered. Each pricing option exposes you to a certain set of features and advantages. However, the arrangement ends up being pricey in many ways. Here is a list of pricing packages that merit your consideration:

Slice complete plan 

Restaurants can centralize their order process, manage staff time more effectively, and maximize automated marketing with the Slice Complete package. Even a pizza-specific point-of-sale system is part of the concept.

This service costs $2.50 for each online order, and it is free for orders under $10. Additionally, a $69 monthly subscription cost includes a processing fee as low as 2.5%.


Slice Premium Plan 

With a free personalized website, the Slice Premium package aids in setting up online ordering. Even helping with improving search engine rankings falls within this category. In this package, automated loyalty marketing is also provided for $2.50 per order and free of charge for orders under $10. There can also be a fee for processing cards.


Slice Essentials 

Your restaurant brand will have direct access to being included in Slice’s pizza marketplace with the Slice Essentials package. To put it simply, you can open a storefront on the slifelife.com website and application.

The plan costs $2.99 per item and is free for orders under $10. It also includes a built-in rewards program and 24-hour assistance. On card payments, there can also be a processing fee.


Slice vs. Owner.com: Customer Service and Representation





Owner.com’s mission and vision are quite clear regarding serving its consumers. They also mention that they will only be able to make money when they can satisfy a particular customer base. No matter how large or what kind of business it is, this technology consistently manages the problems and responds to each inquiry individually.

The customer care network is incredibly responsive and turns back in the quickest of the span from online process management to complete setup. It comprises a full system installation, updates, and releases for restaurant software that come with live assistance and hands-on instruction. You have a right to a range of services and support as the owner.

As follows is how the Owner.com support network runs:

  1. Configuration of the system: You can work with a driven team of individuals who go above and beyond to support your goals. Make up your menu and ordering system. Everything is handled by the employees, including discounting, menu changes, and the revenue center. The team sets up and maintains the complete system.


  1. Software updates: Everything, including live service and in-person training, is provided to you under one roof. Your staff will gain from being able to pick up the task fast and being on the learning curve. Once you start using it, this training helps you stay current and better organized with your time.


  1. Owner experience: Don’t worry if you can’t recall whether you modified an employee’s permissions or added a modifier. The owner will be granted access by your servers and administrators so they can persue various features and capabilities as a client at their own speed.

Additionally, it gives you access to a sizable knowledge base that features interactive lessons and training sessions delivered via videos. This will allow you to navigate the restaurant software with ease and have any questions you may have answered.





Slice, on the other hand, offers just two ways to interact. The first is a mobile number that will put you in touch with a Slice Life representative. You also get a chat window on the Slice Life website where you can communicate with a corporate representative. Provide your name and personal email address in the field provided, then wait for the representative to contact you.

This network of client representation is more narrowly focused. Slice is on par with the competition in terms of meeting and handling the requirements and concerns of its customers. This integrated marketing and restaurant service approach is highly effective in turning around.

Thanks to a powerful network, any queries you may have may be addressed, and you can rely on the network to give you endless advantages.


Here’s Why Owner.com Could be Your Best Choice 


Owner.com is a complete marketing tool created just for restaurants. The following reasons principally justify the use of this approach:

  1. It has user-friendly software that streamlines and accelerates technical and digital activities for efficient business scaling.
  2. A non-directing third party placing orders.
  3. Features that subtly upsell to raise the average check size.
  4. It contains a precise marketing attribution that helps you discover where your customer base originated. This will allow you to build up a significant consumer base.
  5. Owner.com offers a professional online presence to improve customers’ views of your company.


Here’s Why Slice Could be Your Right Choice 


Slice can be more specialized in a particular niche, where it can provide you with exponentially more advantages. This is why:

  1. Slice now offers specialized, tier-based packages with all-inclusive pizza solutions.
  2. Due to its growing popularity, it is quickly becoming the preferred platform for the majority of restaurants and acquiring greater traction.
  3. It offers higher ROIs and more lucrative engagement options because it is more dependable and committed to a certain service area.
  4. The platform provides a variety of tools and is evolving to be more multifaceted, leaving no opportunity unexplored to get outcomes.
  5. Compared to other available restaurant technologies, it drives out more digital capabilities.



Choosing the best platform for your restaurant operations can be difficult because you want to concentrate on more upmarket features. The two systems’ components, features, and advantages have all been fully outlined in this discussion or comparative analysis.

Your needs and what will offer you basic services at the lowest price will determine which option is ideal.

Both platforms are highly profitable, well-liked, and effective.

After comparing Owner.com and Slice, we clearly understand both platforms. Through its well-designed online ordering system, Owner.com offers several exceptional advantages to all types of restaurants.

 The focus of Slice Life’s business strategy is on pizzerias, on the other hand. Although there is a fee for the service, the platform also provides a professionally designed and branded online ordering system. Contrarily, Owner.com provides a complete online ordering solution at no charge.

Performance considerations, including POS integration for restaurants, upscaling, and customer network support, must be made when choosing an online ordering system and restaurant technology.

It is always better to make decisions based on your personal choices where you give weight to each type of pros and cons and see the right paying-back results. 

Now is the time to make smarter choices by adopting technology that excels in all ways for you.