GloriaFood vs DoorDash

GloriaFood vs DoorDash


The changes that have occurred in the food delivery business have altered the trend of the food delivery system for restaurants. More than half of the world prefers ordering food from restaurant apps or websites. 

All restaurants and other food businesses are now handling digital ordering and delivery patterns in different ways. While some do it themselves on independent platforms and some take assistance from third-party apps like DoorDash, GloriaFood, and many other Hybrid delivery platforms. 

The food delivery business has become a business on its own with various online platforms competing to have a secure market share. Although all these online platforms attract a high valuation and huge investment, they are also transforming the business of food delivery. 

The most common type of food delivery is the conventional restaurant model. Under this model, a customer walks in and places the order; once the order is ready they bring the food to the table or at the checkout place.

The rise in digital technology has transformed the food delivery business and has reshaped the market. Instead of going to the restaurant, customers can now place an order through restaurant apps, websites, or third-party apps linked with many restaurants. For their part, the restaurants assure transparency and also convenience in their services. Once the order has been placed online, the restaurant fulfills the order ensuring that the food is delivered properly to the customer’s home or office.


The current situation of the food and restaurant industry:


The food and restaurant industries are growing rapidly and have experienced some major transformations in the past few years. Many other factors have played a huge role in boosting the food industry. Technology and innovation have taken over the world. From food and medicines to groceries, everything can be delivered to your doorstep. This has also led to the ignition of food and grocery delivery platforms.

Mentioned below are some latest trends that might help you to understand the changes that have happened in the past few years:

  • Reasons like urbanization, lack of time, millennial preference and also expanding the consumer palette have caused people to choose the online food ordering system for restaurants.
  • The major increase in the demand for food ordering has created a lot of pressure on the food industry for technology-driven disruption.
  • In the US, the delivery and the online market is also estimated to go double in the next 7 years growing from $40B to $55B.
  • Top online food delivery apps like GloriaFood, DoorDash, and other competitors are competing with each other for market shares.
  • All these top apps are spending huge amounts on promotions and also have reduced delivery costs.
  • Spending extra money on marketing on various platforms like hoardings, social media, text messages, e-mail marketing, and much more
  • High demand has also made them more competitive in the restaurant online marketing system.
  • The growth rate has increased tremendously in the past few years.

Business Overview- GloriaFood


GloriaFood is an online ordering and food delivery platform that helps the restaurant proprietor to manage orders and streamline point-of-sale operations. It also comes with an administration panel, which also enables professionals to select multiple locations for deliveries, define minimum order to amount, and set zone-based delivery fees. 

GloriaFood allows enterprises to customize and create digital menus by adding food categories, pricing, and image information. Managers can embed widgets into the business websites and also on the official Facebook page, improving the brand visibility across multiple channels. 

Additionally, it also lets the users receive automated notifications about new orders and also reject/accept order requests as per the food availability.


What is GloriaFood?

The company provides premium and free solutions for increasing restaurant revenue through online ordering, online branding, and online table reservation, since 2013. It is also the first fully free online ordering system, with unlimited order processing for both the table reservations and food ordering widgets. GloriaFood is now helping more than 25,000 restaurants in almost 100 countries each getting hundreds of extra sales every week.

This tech company, founded in TechHub Bucharest, creates an online food ordering system that can be used by restaurants anywhere in the world. Customers can place their online orders through the website widgets or Facebook app, and the restaurants receive the online orders straight on a tablet or Smartphone.

It is made specifically for the owners of small and medium restaurants and eateries all around the world. If your goal is to save the business while dipping into the modern world of online, then you are making the right choice for your restaurant.


What are the key benefits of using GloriaFood?

  • GloriaFood helps restaurants to add widgets to view the orders and menu and reserve tables on the sales website and improve the overall customer retention rates.
  • Managers can also accept, confirm and receive orders using the mobile application and create food menus with categories, dishes, and other specifications.
  • Restaurants can also create a customized website by choosing images from a built-in database that enables customers to place orders through Facebook pages.
  • GloriaFood also allows restaurants to send invites to clients for online ordering and use the reporting dashboard to streamline the decision-making process.


Pricing details

GloriaFood is available for free. Optional paid services are also as followed:

  • Sales-optimized website: $10 per month
  • Promotional marketing: $20 per month
  • Online payment processing: $30 per month
  • Branded mobile apps: $60 per month


Why choose GloriaFood?

GloriaFood believes that both the hungry customer and the restaurant owners should have an amazing and smooth online food ordering experience. And because the company stands for a “simplified” online ordering experience for small and medium restaurants, designed to be easily accessed by anyone.  

They are highly committed to helping all the small-scale restaurants to gain back control over their customer base and their financial independence and profits.

GloriaFood offers online food ordering system for free. They don’t take any commissions and also don’t charge for the setup or maintenance. GloriaFood values the same thing as you: taking your business to another level without compromising on most components like the quality of food, prices, and your relationship with loyal customers.



DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that collaborates with local restaurants to deliver food to offices and homes. However, due to the way that DoorDash orders are delivered, the app makes it simpler for restaurants to get into the delivery business. 

DoorDash is one of the most popular third-party apps in the US that focuses to connect restaurants and customers through food delivery apps. It was launched in 2013 and the system offers food delivery service to over 800 cities in the US. It is a user-friendly platform and the constant top-class services are some of the best features of DoorDash.


DoorDash has 3 different types of applications-one for the owners, one for the consumers, and another one for the drivers.

The drivers of DoorDash pick up and deliver the food purchased from fast food restaurants, dining restaurants, and also quick services. They also deliver essential items from the merchants such as 7-eleven, Petsmart, and many others.

This app also provides a plan just for the students who want to avail some of the advantages of the services. From $4 a month to %52 a year, the Dashpass is for all students who can take no-fee delivery on eligible restaurants or groceries, a 7% DoorDash credit on any of the pickup orders, and other member promotions.

Non-students can also avail of the benefit of Dashpass with the same benefits of monthly or yearly, DoorDash estimates that subscribers pay an average of about $4 to $6 per order.


Pricing details:

  • Service fee: the service fee also helps DoorDash to run the operation smoothly and partner with new restaurants.
  • Delivery fee: is the one you pay to your delivery driver for their effort, time, and work. The fee varies based on the market and current demand for deliveries. You might have to pay more during the high demand times.
  • Price of the menu along with tax: DoorDash claims that you have to pay the same price as you would pay in a restaurant.

    Optional tip: If you want to, you can tip your DoorDash driver some tips as an appreciation for their amazing service. This is not necessary but it can be a nice gesture that might help them to earn some extra dollars.

  Doordash works on a commission fee scheme. With every order placed through the app, this fee can reach up to 40% if you promote it on the application. The advantage of marketing is a high revelation, which can also lead to more and more sales but potentially a frazzled profit edge. Once the order is placed on DoorDash and confirmed by the restaurant, their delivery dashers pick up the orders and complete the delivery after the entire standard.

Pros: DoorDash manages the order logistically to delivery. Through advertisements and marketing on the platform, restaurants can potentially see a huge increase in sales and business.

Cons: it also has a crowded marketplace that can prevent the consumers from missing out on your list and also opting for you. Restaurants pay more for every order to advertise on various platforms and have high exposure.

Cost: it is a commission-based platform of up to 35% per order.


Functioning of DoorDash App:

DoorDash operates in hundreds of cities, providing hyper-local food delivery across the US. The company also works with the restaurants, letting them set menu prices, but also controlling delivery and service fees themselves.

  • It is an on-demand food delivery service that allows you to order drinks and food from restaurants in your area.
  • When you order from DoorDash, your food is also delivered by a freelance worker who does not belong to any single restaurant.
  • Since restaurants don’t have to hire delivery drivers, DoorDash makes it simpler for them to expand their delivery business.


Comparison between GloriaFood and DoorDash 



DoorDash storefront is an online ordering system built by DoorDash. It also allows restaurant owners to incorporate online ordering, pickup, and delivery through websites. The software is free to use and has zero commissions. They are also known to enable restaurant businesses and owners digitally and also share insights on customer and order data.

The Global Health Crisis due to Covid-19 has benefitted online ordering systems and companies like DoorDash storefronts have seen a momentous revenue gain. According to the survey, DoorDash revenue has increased by about 230% with $980 million in the 4th quarter of 2020. No matter how active your digital channels are, online ordering system like DoorDash makes online menu management easy and convenient.


Key features of DoorDash storefront:

  • Custom Branding: unlike any other online ordering software, DoorDash storefront lets you brand your logo, website, and branding and ensures easy online orders.
  • Delivery Driver: In-house drivers cannot text customers like DoorDash drivers also known as Dashers. With the DoorDash storefront, you choose delivery orders either to an in-house DoorDash driver. It also allows restaurants to set their delivery routes and hours that come under Dashers’ route.
  • Website Integration: DoorDash storefront also allows the plugins to your existing restaurant website. Their integration is with Shopify, WordPress, GoDaddy, and Wix.
  • Data Retention: DoorDash retains all the information of consumers and allows the restaurant partners to drive repetitive orders using that data.




gloria food

GloriaFood is the first online ordering system for restaurants to transform their website into a revenue stream. With Gloria Food, restaurant owners can take free unlimited orders at zero cost. It is an Oracle-acquired company; GloriaFood enables restaurants to take online orders in just a few clicks. It is the first free online ordering system that is created to fulfill the requirements of small and medium size restaurants.


Key Features of GloriaFood

  • Enlarged customer withholding through see and order: Increase your customer retention rate through a see and order feature on the website and also on the app. Make reservations before you plan to visit and optimize sales hassle-free.
  • Free restaurant order-taking app: GloriaFood’s key feature comprise a free restaurant order-taking app that also enables restaurant employees and owners to confirm and receive all online orders and also confirm the reservations using tablets and smartphones. The GloriaFood app creates ease for restaurants to accept food orders with just one tap.
  • Perceptible Menu Promotions: Check out the visible menu promotions on the website that enables your restaurant to take multiple orders from customers. Their feature also offers a responsive website and Facebook page as a point of sale P-O-S.
  • Zero commission: No matter how much your revenue the business is growing. GloriaFood allows unlimited free orders at zero cost and commissions. This is also suitable for small and medium size restaurants.
  • Unlimited access to customer data: Data is a primary source for any business to scale up. GloriaFoods’ key feature gives unlimited access to business and restaurant owners. It can also track the data history of its consumers where they can offer loyalty vouchers and discounts. If your restaurant is aiming for feasibility, speed, and simplicity, then GloriaFood is your partner.

The biggest difference between DoorDash and GloriaFood is that orders placed through DoorDash don’t make restaurant use their delivery drivers. Instead, DoorDash has its fleet of freelance driver’s workers; they are also called Dashers. They are paid through tips, a base salary from DoorDash, and by completing the challenges. 

This makes it easier for all restaurants to start a delivery business since they don’t have to hire their delivery workers.


Online ordering system: Gloriafood VS DoorDash



GloriaFood provides a free online ordering and table reservations system for restaurants. This includes the ability to add an order or reservation to an existing website, supporting unlimited order volume and to a Facebook Page, the ability to order or reserve ahead, to run a coupon deal or to run a promo and to create a detailed menu with the photos.


GloriaFood has an online ordering and table reservation system, and some of its features are:

  • Free Facebook ordering App
  • Free website ordering App
  • Free mobile ordering
  • Real-time ordering
  • Table reservations widget
  • Order for later
  • Detailed reports
  • Run a promo or coupon deal
  • Pictures in menu





Through the amalgamation of a smartly designed mobile app for restaurants and also a flotilla of experienced drivers, DoorDash can deliver food from a wealth of local restaurants directly to your door.

Your restaurant will be seen by parents, millennials, and even companies who need catering- all without the costs of a dine-in experience. It features the menu on its app and website so that customers can discover your restaurant and order food from it. All of this can be done without you needing to lift a finger! 

DoorDash has a strong network to fulfill your delivery orders within 38 minutes on average. So your food will be delivered to your place exactly at the time you expected it to be. By fulfilling deliveries as far as 30 miles from your location, DoorDash enables your business to reach a customer well beyond the conventional dine-in experience.


Pricing: Gloriafood vs DoorDash


GloriaFood pricing system:

  • Online ordering and table reservation system: “it is free of cost” the widget will add a  “See MENU and Order” button and /or a “Table reservations” button to your Facebook page or website and start sending orders your way, or so customers can also easily book a table in advance.
  • Sales-optimized website:  “$10 per month “instantly builds a mobile-friendly website that is highly optimized for all search engines. A domain is also included, but you can also use an existing one. Everything is also created and designed to generate more online orders.
  • Credit card/online payment: “$30 per month” connects the ordering system with your payment getaway. Like this, you can accept online payments directly into the account.
  • Advances Promo Marketing: “$20 per month” runs multiple promos like a pro. This paid plan allows precision selling through client segmentation and target profiling, to achieve and also track multiple marketing goals.
  • Branded mobile apps: “$60 per month” recommended a branded app to those food clients looking for an installation on their tablets or Smartphones. This restaurant app comprises app store listings with your logo branding.


When you plan to place an order on DoorDash, you may be charged various fees. These fees help us to pay dashers, operate the DoorDash platform, and strive to provide the best service possible.

What do I need to pay?

  • Delivery fee: this fee is charged on delivery orders and helps DoorDash cover the costs associated with getting your order directly to you, and it can also vary depending on the location, merchant, and many other factors like a demand. The delivery fee currently can vary, starting at $0. Dashpass members can enjoy a $0 delivery fee and reduced service fee on eligible orders.
  • Service fee: this fee helps us to operate the DoorDash platform. Service fees start at $0.70 and may increase based on the subtotal of the order.
  • Small order fee: in some cases, the fee is charged to enable us to make small transactions worthwhile to fulfill.  A $3.50 fee may be charged if your order subtotal is below the amount.
  • Regulatory response fee: DoorDash might charge this fee when a state or local regulation leads to increased operating costs for DoorDash. This additional charge enables the company to continue offering you convenient services and ensure the Dashers make meaningful earnings. Regulatory response fees are flat fees that are based on the region and currently may range from $1 to $4.
  • Some other mandatory fees: in some cases, the government authorities require DoorDash to charge a certain amount of fee. These fees are applied based on local regulations.


Concluding thoughts 

To figure it out, food delivery has become the most anticipated for restaurants to stay ahead of other competitors and gain visibility in the market. However, availing of the third-party service application has proven to be the most expensive for many restaurants. 

Apart from giving huge amounts as a commission, restaurants also have to suffer with bad ratings due to bad delivery and poor customer service. Late deliveries, messy food packing, and stale food will give a negative rating to the restaurant.

Considering all this, many restaurants are opting to have a digital storefront as many SAAS applications like DoorDash and GloriaFood.