Why is it important for restaurant delivery partners to have a free trial?

Why is it important for restaurant delivery partners to have a free trial


Free trials are launched in an attempt to attract more and more new customers—not a very unique thing, right?

All entrepreneurs and businessmen have grown up learning how freebies for products and services work. Despite being aware of its merits and demerits, almost every industry is deploying this business strategy.

The restaurant industry is also intact in this new culture.

The B-2-C segment of the food market has long been witnessing explosive growth through free offerings. But there’s an ongoing debate in the B2B segment – such as the restaurant delivery partner free trial that is still a subject of question to most brands.  

It is supposed to be a restaurant marketing tool, but a study shows that over 15–50% of B2B prospects who have taken free trials have converted into paid customers. But more awareness is still necessary.

  • Why must restaurant delivery partners consider free trials?
  • Why do brands and restaurants provide free trials?
  • What are the pros and cons of free trials?

If you own a restaurant or are planning a food startup, you might be interested in free trials of a service provider but unsure whether to take them. Read on to find an answer.

So, why do they provide free trials?

Free trials are a win-win for both providers and consumers. To a consumer, it can be a great chance to get a valuable service for free.

But to a provider, it is an opportunity to show its services, proficiency, and scope of the product to those potential customers that may be ignoring it for certain natural reasons.

Simply put, it is a natural phenomenon that it takes a considerable amount of time for customers to build trust in a new business venture. That trust factor is difficult to achieve regardless of how well they provide services.

This is where free trials come into play. Hardly anyone will purchase a product or service from a brand or firm if we exclusively talk about B2B territory.

The word “free” has long been favored by customers, but when it comes to businesses like well-established restaurants, the term is always watched with wary eyes.

The majority of food startups and restaurants have been discovered to be ignoring the restaurant delivery partner free trial opportunity. Well, the reason can be their busy schedules or something else.

But if you operate a restaurant or have plans to launch one in the future, you should not miss any opportunity available at no cost.

For example, if you are launching a food startup, you can use the free trial of App2Food‘s online food ordering system for absolutely free. You can build a custom mobile app for free. If you liked the free trial, you can purchase premium services too.

Why Restaurant Delivery Partners Should Consider Free Trials

Without a test drive, you will never be willing to purchase a car. After all, it is your precious investment. So, how do you avoid a free trial of a service that will play a critical role in your business ecosystem?

Given below are some solid reasons for why restaurant delivery partners must never ignore free trials. And as soon as they find them, they must jump straight to using them.

1. Don’t Just Read, Watch, or Listen- Practically Use!

You are often asked to make a direct purchase for a product, regardless of whether you have liked it or not. You will be forced to purchase it. In most events, you are obliged to purchase it because you have no other option left.

There was no practical observation; the decision was purely influenced by word of mouth or visuals on the screen. If you have problems with the product or service, you will come to regret your decision. You had already made the payment, and there’s no way to return it.

The outcomes can be even more disastrous when you are outsourcing products or services for your business operation, and anything wrong won’t just waste your money but will have dire consequences for your entire brand.

However, it isn’t you; all consumers are automatically pushed into this cycle because some decisions are influenced by referrals. But when you practically use a service before you actually invest in it, you can make an even more well-informed decision.

Similarly, satisfaction is guaranteed. Most brands like App2Food offer this free trial facility for a considerable time, allowing a user to build trust with them first and switch to their premium offering later.

2. There Are No Inherent Risks.

In comparison to all other alternatives available on the internet, the risk probability in a restaurant delivery partner free trial is NIL.

The credit for profits or gains will be yours, but any loss or error will be the provider’s. You simply use their services or products for an extended period of time or until the free trial period expires without concern.

Until you get more familiar with the newest software, products, or services offered by the brand, you can make mistakes and correct them without affecting business productivity.

If you are aiming to use a company’s service for a mainstream business objective by being purely influenced by an advertisement or referrals, there’s nothing wrong with that; you can purchase it.

But if it turns out to be confusing, lots of troubles are coming in real time, and if you can’t adapt to your business requirements, you will undoubtedly be living your worst times.

On the other hand, free trials provide you flexibility to learn, choose, and use a product or service as per your needs. If a brand’s service is adapting well to your restaurant business model and serving its purpose, you can proceed. You think about purchasing its premium services.

3. Free Trailers Are More Confident In Their Product.

Providers of free trailers aren’t pushing you into a shopping cart. They are indeed giving you a friendly invitation to use their product first and make a purchase later.

It only happens when the free trial provider is more confident about their offerings. So, instead of viewing it as an excellent sales strategy, consider it an eye-opener for most consumers who had reservations about the services before using and appreciating them.

Free trials can be beneficial to a consumer in multiple ways, but to a provider, they are left as an expense and nothing more than that until they attract returns. Therefore, you should strive to use free trials because they are beneficial to you in all ways.

4. Give Feedback and Get Improved Services for Yourself

It is also worth noting that free trials are an important metric for a provider. It helps them address the major merits and demerits of the following services:

For example, by offering free trials, providers expect nothing more than feedback for improvisation. If there are any flaws in the product or service, the provider will make every effort to improve it.

In most events, it has been seen that people find the service provider they have long been looking for but still hesitate to invest in it. Why?

Well, it is because of certain flaws in their product that, if improved, they will be eager to use it. As such, most restaurant and food brands are looking for an alternative to custom-made applications, which cost a lot in the real world.

Most brands desired to manage their own restaurant delivery fleet and reduce their reliance on aggregators. Given that, App2Food introduced an online ordering system that suits precisely the needs of these restaurants. You should check out the restaurant delivery partner’s free trial.

5. Empower Your Decision-Making For The Product

You can access peace of mind because your decision to buy a product will be based on only practical observations. Simply put, if you have used the provider’s free trial, you are already acquainted with its overall interface and layouts.

Similarly, if you are about to purchase premium products or services, you are less likely to encounter any confusions or difficulties because you are already familiar with the brand’s overall products and services.

What are you doing, why are you doing it, and what are you going to get out of it? You will have a brief summary of it next to you that will lead to a positive decision, and there will be no room for errors or confusions later.

For all these great benefits, you must start offering free trials. If you are a restaurant delivery partner, remember that free trials provide you exposure to some excellent opportunities at almost zero cost.

Who Benefits the Most from Offering Free Trials?

Giving away free trials certainly marks the start of a lovely, fruitful relationship between brands and firms in the B2B segment.

Clients always feel good about the company when the offering includes free samples. It provides them with a glimpse into the prospective company’s overall features, and there’s no need to pay even a single penny.

As a free trial provider, a company will have more chances to turn a regular visitor into a permanent customer. But at the same time, free trials will be advantageous to the clients as well.

A restaurant delivery partner free trial introduces a product to new audiences that are unfamiliar with a business and its overall efficiency and business outlook. By doing this, free trial runners find enough time to interact with the restaurants’ brands and convey their messages.

What are the alternatives to conventional tools and software? How will modern alternatives expand business productivity? The user of the service will automatically learn everything himself; this is where both parties start benefiting from this opportunity.

How Do Free Trials Help the Provider?

It was all about how a free trial helps a service provider. But we can’t ignore the fact that no company launches these freebies until it has a personal interest or benefits from them.

From a business standpoint, there are numerous reasons that encourage companies to launch free trials, and some of the most notable are listed below. Take a look:

1. Creating a Positive Branding

Branding is the leading reason restaurant delivery partners focus their free trial offers around it. It has been observed that the majority of new brands struggle to gain an initial business boost.

In the end, they only have two choices: invest heavily in marketing their brands and products in order to raise awareness of your existence.

In the second scenario, they launch free trials so that customers are attracted towards them and identify them, enabling the brand to start solidifying its foundation in the industry.

Upon signing up for these free trials, clients gain peace of mind with a sense of surety that the brand is genuine and is meant to offer something great and valuable to them.

As a client, you should always respect free offers launched by service providers. And if possible, you must use it and leave feedback; perhaps their business idea will make things easier.

2. No Aggressive Sales Tactics

Free trials are a possible indication that a company wants its product to be purchased and not sold, which would be an act of “aggressive selling.”

In today’s fiercely competitive market, aggressive selling is exploding in popularity. Sellers or service providers want to catch clients to make profits, regardless of whether or not the service is serving value to the prospective users.

However, most businesses, such as App2Food, have a client-centric business model. Their business model is solely focused on assisting clients and providing value to them.

There’s no aggressive selling. Upon using the trial version, clients have the opportunity to say “yes” or “no” to the service provider.

The brand providing the services to restaurant delivery partners is launching free offers just to advertise itself and make people aware of the latest alternatives that can be cost-saving and more effective.

Since you will never be obliged to purchase anything, you are free to use any service offered by the brand for a lifetime or for a specific period. This allows you to experiment, understand the brand, and then purchase later.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Free trials from restaurant delivery partners even result in increased customer satisfaction. If a product doesn’t fit the personal interests and choices of the user, they will simply leave.

There will be no fight, no online debate, and no negative feedback because the customer has not paid anything to the service provider. But that’s not enough.

Satisfied customers are the key to the longevity of service providers. If their free trial genuinely had great customer retention, the probabilities are high that they will be using the premium version of it.

Overall, it will bring explosive growth to the brand’s overall business and will insist on bringing more exciting offers to its clients.

4. Customer Feedback Is Valuable.

Usually, customers are never satisfied after purchasing the product, which later on contributes to negative feedback. The increase in customer churn rate results in a decline in the futuristic business growth of the brand.

If negative feedback is effectively addressed earlier and improvisation has been done, challenges in the future are preventable. If a customer’s purchased item isn’t up to par, it’s human psychology to become more aggressive and make negative comments and posts about the service provider.

On the other hand, because clients have nothing to lose, all negative comments would be transformed into insightful and helpful comments for service providers during free trials.

If improvisation is required, the service provider will look into the matter and take prompt action. After all, they are aiming to make a solid impression on clients. Service providers want their services to delight customers and transform them into premium users of their services.

5. Collective and Collaborative Growth

Don’t misunderstand us! Restaurant delivery partner free trial, on the other hand, genuinely believes in collective and collaborative growth.

For example, App2Food allows restaurants and food delivery partners to connect and use its free online ordering system. You create your custom mobile app for a restaurant on a custom domain at no cost.

If it is working for your business or is something you were looking for, you simply keep using it. As your business grows, you will upgrade to the premium plans of the online ordering system.

Here, you will not only help the firm expand its revenue by purchasing its service, but even help yourself with some new premium features that will aid explosive growth in your business.

How Dangerous Are Free Trials For Providers? Reasons to respect them

Saying that free trials are profitable to providers might be a wrong statement to some extent. The decision can be inherently risky for a company. Here’s a quick glimpse at how risky free trials could be to the provider.

1. There’s No Guarantee of Conversions

There’s always a blurry line between expectations and reality. Service providers launching free trials always play on the edge of a knife. If their idea isn’t unique or provides value to customers, their business may fail completely.

Similarly, conversion probabilities drop. It isn’t hidden that the restaurant industry has grown even more competitive over the past few decades. As some new restaurant brands bring new ideas, innovation, and techniques to the online food ordering segment, the battle is intense.

Some innovative business models, like online ordering systems, are leading the way. Thus, most restaurants have some great expectations set for these models.

2. More Expenses and Less Profits

For clients, these free trials are free, but not for the service provider. Hosting charges and the bills of other internet things keep biting off a big chunk of the profits and investment capital of the providers.

If the brand is lucky, its product will convert free customers into premium users in a short period of time. At the same time, if more customers stick with the free model and use less of the premium ones, it will trigger a crash in their business ecosystem.

Therefore, a solid database is always backed up by these firms, which keep track of their progress and internal business trends. In case the service provider is still providing free trials and making exciting offers, this would indicate a positive outcome.

3. The Feedback Might Come Too Late.

In most cases, goals are unattainable due to little or no feedback from clients. Restaurant delivery partner free trial longs for this valuable thing from customers.

Even though they’re satisfied or not, feedback provides them a glimpse into their future prospects. These client comments indicate whether the company will survive or whether it will be able to provide more interesting offerings to its customers.

Traditionally, the restaurant industry struggled to attract these valuable customer feedbacks, but with online vehicles such as messages, emails, and other interaction modes, the task has become easier.

4. An Ever-Risky Deal

Altogether, restaurant delivery partner free trials are always risky for the service provider. But still, they are launching them and relying on their power because they believe in their product’s potential.

Most brands hardly survive for a month or two on freebies if their idea isn’t unique or impressive. The conversion rate for their business will be fairly low. And one that they will be forced to close.

But brands that have been working for a long time and are still actively encouraging customers to use their free trials do so because they are receiving positive feedback. So if the idea is great and serves value to customers, despite being the riskiest thing, free trials are fruitful for service providers.


So have a free trial if you are still not convinced. If you run a restaurant or are planning a food startup with less investment capital, make sure you have alternatives to try first. Use the restaurant delivery partner’s free trial versions and make a wise investment later. 

As such, there’s no need to hire a developer and spend thousands of dollars on restaurant application development. There’s always a smart alternative available; all you need to do is look around and jump straight to it.