App2Food Vs Slice: Which Platform is Designed for Your Restaurant?



Put your business logo, name, and signature food first because the online ordering system lets you take full advantage of the spotlight.

It’s already a well-known phenomenon that the global pandemic has accelerated technology adoption across restaurants. The transition has resulted in a well-established eco-system for businesses in food services.

Owning an application and listing their brand on an aggregator platform was something that picked up popularity in the restaurant industry. Still, it was supposed to be an expensive deal for most restaurant operators. As a result, online ordering systems like App2Food and Slice are seeing an increased rate of adoption.

These alternatives bring down the cost of running restaurant operations online. Both App2Food and Slice have long been competent players in this category. Both offer many unique features, functions, and benefits of both brands to restaurants that set them apart from each other. 

We realized the need for robust differentiation between the two. Thus, we bring you this debate on App2Food vs. Slice.

  • How do the two online ordering systems work?
  • Which online ordering system is more appropriate for a restaurant?
  • Who is doing better in terms of technology and innovation?

The debate covers an in-depth overview of these blazing topics, and it’s worthwhile to get your eyes on them if you are confused with the selection between App2Food and Slice. Read on to learn more.

App2Food vs Slice: Business Overview



Business Overview of App2Food

If you’re looking to replicate the idea of owning a restaurant online through an aggregator platform or digital marketing agency on a limited budget, you should reconsider.

App2Food helps you own a restaurant online at ZERO commissions and charges. Yes, you heard right! The platform is the best example of how online ordering systems work and contributes to restaurants’ superior online operations.

By streamlining order preparation and delivery processes, the online ordering system prompts customer base expansion for restaurants in both the dine-out and dine-in business models.

It works exactly as a private restaurant website does. The restaurant operators provide a completely personalized experience. Unlike aggregators, the key to operation handling is always in the operator’s hand.

Not only your website, but your restaurant will even benefit from a mobile app. With the goal of preventing restaurants from paying third-party commissions, the brand provides a wide range of solutions rather than just a few basics.

As a result, restaurants are supported by a well-structured eco-system. Eventually, it becomes easier to meet the revenue goals outlined in the business plan. All of this is being offered for FREE. 



Business Overview of Slice

There’s no restriction or specific condition for joining App2Food. You can use the App2Food online ordering system if you own a restaurant or a food corporation, regardless of what food item you specialize in.

But it isn’t the case with Slice. Also called Slice Life, the online ordering platform is exclusively made for pizza suppliers. If you own a restaurant that specializes in pizza ranges, Slice might help you with its centralized solution.

Local pizzerias in US states and cities have long relied on the company to help them sell their unique pizza varieties to customers. It enables these restaurant brands to go head-to-head against big pizza companies.

Like App2Food, Slice is also an online ordering platform that narrows down the tasks and complexities of business operations for restaurants. The brand has been exclusively targeting the pizzeria market with a well-built web and mobile platform.

So if you own a pizza restaurant, Slice might fit your business needs.

App2Food Solution vs Slice Solution to Restaurants



Solutions regarding restaurants

App2Food solutions are purpose-built and exclusively intended to streamline restaurant operations online while providing the finest substitute for a website or third-party app.

And the company’s intention is clear from its offering, in which you access a complete online ordering facility at your restaurant. Apart from that, restaurant mobile applications, self ordering kiosks, cloud kitchens, and various other exciting products are featured as part of App2Food’s restaurant solution.

On the basis of these products, the online ordering platform strives to provide you with a complete eco-system for launching a website and effectively managing and using it online.

As a restaurant operator, you will have full control of your digital portfolio. Simultaneously, this exposes you to real-time business insights and customer data.

Since the website and application will be a property of App2Food, repair and maintenance costs will be borne by the platform itself. Restaurant operators simply need to list their platform on the App2Food website and subsequently need to update their business profile for personalized touches.

Marketing and any other facility can be accessed with a single click. And the best thing is, you will access all these solutions free of charge.


Marketing and ordering facilities


Slice’s online ordering solutions are basically split into three sections. Restaurant operators can opt for any specific solution, or alternatively, they can use all three solutions. Doing so will require you to pay a bit extra out of your pocket, but the combo might get you discount offers as well. These solutions are explained as follows:

Manage Ordering

With the web ordering facility, Slice makes sure your business is present to pizza lovers. Slice reduces workload even further by centralizing restaurant in-store and digital sales. Restaurants even have full control over their menus with a unified dashboard.

Streamline Operation

By integrating mobile and digital platforms with just-for-pizzeria POS systems, Slice makes sure that all errors and complexities are wiped out of the equation. However, POS integration for restaurants is even offered by App2Food and caters to every restaurant’s needs. Since Slice is working in a specific niche, the company can also help with packaging, supplies, and promotional goods.

Effective Marketing

Slice marketing solution helps your brand rank in the top search results on Google. But how successful they are in this segment is unclear for now. Apart from this, some basic marketing solutions are also offered by Slice.

How it’s like to get started at App2Food and Slice? 


Schedule a demo

It is relatively easier to get started at App2Food. Unlike most other platforms or aggregators, you don’t need to bring in extensive documents. If you are comfortable with the App2Food online ordering system and confident enough to roll out your first menu online, go ahead.

Alternatively, you can explore the demo of the online ordering system. Simply schedule the date to learn whenever there’s free time and form a final opinion. If you’re convinced, begin with a simple sign-up process. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

  1. First, go to the “Sign Up” button on the interface.
  2. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to enter the following information: the name of the restaurant, the name of the owner or partner, your email, phone number, address, zip code, state, and city.
  3. Upon submitting, read the App2Food Terms of Service and tick the box.
  4. Sign up and wait for the representative to contact you via the provided details.

Following further processing and order steps, you can launch your online ordering profile on both the website and the app. Start with your business description; give your profile your brand’s logo.

Start updating the menu and adjusting other features as per your requirements, and keep going through the interface until you are well-versed with the whole thing. The application will provide you complete access to App2Food features at no cost.


Application regarding slice

Starting out with Slice is also quite easy. The online ordering service provider also doesn’t ask you to put a range of documents first. It’s as simple as the form-filing process. Keep filling up the documents and answering questions, and your restaurant profile will be ready to get featured online. As you can see in the form above, you will be starting out with Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Restaurant Name and Restaurant address.

Upon giving these basic details, you will have to tick mark the services you are interested in. Based on the given ticks, a representative will reach you out with the best solution. For example – it can be digital advertising, direct mail, menu cards, tamper-proof sticks or anything given in the list. 

The company’s solutions have been built around the given services, and it is necessary for you to have them evaluated first and select the right option.

App2Food Vs Slice: Operation Handling



Operation Handling

POS (Point of Sale) plays a critical role across restaurants. The tech-powered system streamlines your restaurant’s operations and provides ease and utmost convenience in the accounting process.

Still, most activities are manually done on this automatic machine that can do even more than one expects. App2Food’s online ordering system is addressing the capabilities of POS.

As a result, the company is providing a smooth integration of its mobile app and website with the POS system. App2Food can work with almost every POS machine. After testing every parameter, the online ordering system by App2Food provides convenience in the financial and managerial functions.

Simply put, from order receiving to order processing to launching an offer and rewarding customers through a loyalty program, a smooth delivery of actions and responses has been well-tried by App2Food in POS-related things.


Operation Handling

The POS system facilities at Slice have been specifically designed for pizzerias. It could be a sign that the brand’s online ordering system isn’t available for all restaurants. Since Slice is providing services to just pizza suppliers, only a particular list of restaurants might get the best experience from Slice.

The online ordering service provider centralizes the order processing activities, which are viewable and actionable via POS systems. However, not much information has been disclosed by the brand in this segment.

What POS systems are acceptable in the Slice business model, and how will they help your business? Such kinds of questions are a subject of uncertainty.

App2Food vs Slice: Comparing Marketing Solutions to Restaurants



Marketing solutions

App2Food offers a robust marketing solution to restaurants. The online ordering system provides SMS marketing facilities to customers that boost conversions from mobile users. The marketing channel is literally helpful in the sustainable growth of your business.

Simply put, as soon as a customer places an order, a pop-up notification is sent to their device. Similarly, more notifications can be sent strategically to customers for branding, remarketing, and retargeting reasons.

However, some notifications are automated, and the restaurant operator does not need to act manually on them. In addition to SMS, email marketing is also a robust marketing technique adopted by App2Food.

The marketing network can help a restaurant in a variety of ways when it comes to marketing and promoting their products. Aside from basic marketing, restaurants can take advantage of the Google Listing Management function.

It protects your online business profile from being affected by a foreign threat. Free QR codes, promotional materials, restaurant gift cards, and most notably, loyalty programs for restaurants are available. App2Food provides restaurants with a complete marketing solution for FREE.

However, premium social media marketing support is also available and offered to restaurants upon their request.



With its marketing package, Slice Life commits to attracting 50% more repeat customers. The online ordering platform aids in loyalty programs by which you can reward your customers online.

Apart from that, automated marketing solutions are also offered to restaurants. It mainly covers notifications sent to customers via emails and app notifications, just as provided by App2Food.

The company even guarantees that your brand will appear in the top Google search results. It is a big promise because, organically, it takes time via white hat SEO. Any sudden increase could indicate the use of black hat SEO.

For a bit extra, the brand even runs campaigns for other brands. So if you can afford to pay more to attract more traffic to your pizza restaurant, perhaps Slice is made for you. Alternatively, you can jump straight to App2Food, as the online ordering system is offering all these services at no cost.

App2Food vs Slice: Marketing Cost



It’s worth noting that no extra charges are asked from restaurants for marketing services by App2Food. Under a special offer, the exclusive perk is offered at no cost. However, options for a social network marketing program are available.

But the free offer alone carries vast potential to meet your business objectives. The only thing you will pay superior attention to is your branding. Your brand’s theme and logo must be well-built. It must not be ambiguously selected.

Apart from that, no additional or hidden marketing costs are there to daunt you. App2Food’s free offers exclusively aim to support startups and new business ventures.


Marketing Cost

On the flip side, Slice Life’s charges for marketing tools vary significantly. The online ordering platforms offer four marketing solutions to customers.

As you can see in the visual above, these are

  • Digital advertising campaign
  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • 2000 Promotional Flyers
  • 1000 box stickers

Under a special marketing scheme, the online ordering service providers for pizzerias provide all these exclusive marketing solutions for $500 for 3 months. The restaurant operator even has the option to make an individual selection.

Restaurant operators are even assisted through loyalty programs, automated marketing, and topical campaigns. But all these might come at additional costs. You can find them in individual plans organized by slice for restaurants based on their specific requirements. 

App2Food vs Slice: The Overall Pricing



Overall pricing of App2Food

App2Food isn’t charging any commission or bringing you a pricing plan for its services. The online ordering system is free to use. It allows you to set up your online restaurant for $0.

Beside, you will get a free website, online ordering system and integration facilities as well. The free sign-up for the services even exposes you to 24×7 support services, and there are no hidden charges for them either.

However, if you seek thermal printer integration, it may come at a one-time investment of $349. Options for a social networking marketing program are also available.

But the most notable thing is that the free offering won’t hamper personalized branding benefits. Most online ordering platforms are charging $399 per month for the comprehensive version. It leaves aggregators as an option.

These third-party platforms charge a 30% commission per transaction. On the other hand, App2Food neither charges commission from restaurant operators nor does it charge commission from customers.

But it is necessary to reveal that the company makes money only when a restaurant makes profits. In short, you can call it a unique initiative of App2Food. If your business isn’t benefiting from the system, you will have nothing to lose.


Pricing for online ordering services by Slice has been systematically planned. Each pricing plan exposes you to a certain range of features and benefits. Still, it turns out to be an expensive deal from many angles. Here’s a breakdown of pricing plans that are worth your attention:

Slice Complete

The Slice Complete plan helps restaurants centralize their order chain, streamline staff time, and optimize automated marketing. The plan even includes a POS system designed for pizzerias.

Pricing charges for this service are $2.50 per online order and $0 for online orders under $10. In addition, a $69 subscription fee per month is charged, which includes a processing fee as low as 2.5%.

Slice Premium

The Slice Premium plan assists in setting up online ordering with a free custom website. This even includes assistance in boosting search engine rankings. Automated loyalty marketing is also served in this plan against $2.50/order, and $0 for orders under $10. A card processing fee may also be charged.

Slice Essentials

The Slice Essentials plan provides your restaurant brand direct access to being featured on Slice’s pizzeria marketplace. Simply put, you get the opportunity to establish a storefront on the website and application.

The plan comes with a built-in rewards program and 24×7 support for a price of $2.99 per order and $0 for orders under $10. A processing fee may also be charged on card payments.

Mobile Application of App2Food vs Slice



Mobile application of App2Food

App2Food’s mobile application has tons of great features that give restaurants a competitive advantage. Beside its smooth layout and interface, the application features many interesting tools and functions.

As such, you can benefit from push notifications. From order placement and order processing to special updates to customers, the built-in features in the mobile app can increase conversion by 10x.

Restaurant operators are even offered the flexibility of adjusting their business profiles as per their own requirements. After all, it provides a personalized experience that’s different from business listings on Aggregator’s platforms.

Simply put, you can update and customize your restaurant menu online. But keep in mind that you are providing only a fair price for each item. The information mentioned for each food item must be accurate and shouldn’t confuse buyers.

You can leave the stress of conversions and business expansion to the automated marketing tools of App2Food for mobile users. Keep focusing on your business model; App2Food will facilitate a robust foundation in the digital world. The exclusive mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users.


Mobile application of Slice

The Slice Life is also offering an interesting mobile app for both iOS and Android users. The application features a responsive and well-working layout. All major features and functions are readily available on the screen.

Restaurant operators can precisely adjust and manage their business profiles. However, the application is accessible through the Slice Essential plan, and it basically performs like an aggregator mobile application. You just receive a storefront at Slice’s own application, which invites a condition of charging $2.99 per order.

But it has a major downside: since the Slice application targets only pizza lovers, it might keep your shop away from other customers who are not regular pizza eaters.

App2Food Vs Slice: User Support



User support

Customer support at App2Food is super responsive and friendly. You can connect with the App2Food team via the following handles:

  • The Contact Us form.
  • Direct Mail
  • Phone Number
  • Live Chat


User support of slice

Slice, on the other hand, has only two interaction mediums. The first is a mobile number that’ll connect you with a representative of Slice Life. In addition to it, you receive a chat box on the Slice Life website to interact with the company’s representative. You simply need to fill up the box with your name and your personal email address and wait for the representative to contact you soon. 


After reviewing App2Food vs. Slice individually, we are super clear about both platforms. App2Food provides some outstanding benefits to every type of restaurant via its well-built online ordering systems. Slice Life’s business model, on the other hand, is centered on pizzerias. The platform also offers a well-built and branded online ordering system but charges a fee for the service. On the other hand, App2Food offers a comprehensive online ordering solution at no cost.