App2Food vs. Which Online Ordering System is More Promising?

App2Food vs.



With aggregators putting heavy commissions on restaurants every quarter, the restaurant industry is witnessing an unstable growth pattern.

The at-home trend during the global pandemic might have driven an exponential rise in online food ordering. However, your practical observations have not left the ground reality unaffected.

Mobile apps saw a boost in engagement rate during COVID-19 as folks spent more time on smartphones than on regular days. This resulted in a sharp rise in the aggregator business but left a limited profit margin for your restaurants and cafes.

Post-pandemic, aggregators have pushed the restaurant industry to limit profits and scalability. Growth was almost stifled until Online Ordering Systems made a difference.

These systems are replacing the traditionally used aggregator platforms that were supposed to chop off restaurants’ revenues with commissions from both parties.

But restaurants are now thankful for platforms like App2Food and

Both companies are working to reshape the real meaning of online food ordering. In terms of profits, the restaurant industry has been one-sided so far. But, finally, everything is in order.

Restaurant operators have gained enhanced transparency in how to work with automation. However, it is unclear where to begin, whether from App2Food or the Owner.

This article covers a detailed breakdown of App2Food vs. to help you make the right choice.

App2Food vs. Owner: A Quick Overview


Why App2Food?


Quick overview of App2Food

App2Food is a solution designed for restaurants that can own an online ordering platform. If you want your restaurant to be featured online in a minimal amount of time with a limited budget and with zero expertise, App2Food might fit your needs.

The platform combines order fulfilment processes into a single online ordering system that users can access via an app and a website. Overall, the eco-system of App2Food is backed by automation, which lessens the requirement for manual actions. It means activities like pricing, order functions, and marketing will be empowered by technology.

Restaurants need to publish their business and product details one time, and upon initial set-up, the online ordering business model will be ready for the long-term. Marketing support is also offered free of charge.

If you run a restaurant in America and are looking for a cheaper yet more powerful alternative to website or application development for your business, App2Food can be a good choice.

The mainstream attractions of the App2Food online ordering system are:



Quick overview of Owner is also a well-known platform that provides a unified solution to restaurants so they can own an online presence at customized pricing.

It, like App2Food, uses a lot of technology in its business ecosystem to help with the perfect establishment of restaurants online. Besides owning an online restaurant, the business model even incorporates additional services to benefit restaurants.

The company assures commission-free delivery, but since it is partnered with delivery-service providers like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates, some hidden charges might come to light.

The overall business ecosystem is quite easy to set up for a restaurant at But in case you aren’t comfortable purchasing it from the start, you have the option to try a free demo of

Unlike other online service providers, Owner doesn’t provide subscription-based plans; its services’ pricing is decided on certain parameters and varies for each restaurant.

Given below are the mainstream attractions of the Owner online ordering system:

  • Automated tools to increase sales
  • Helps in hiring qualified staff
  • 24×7 support and one-click solutions

Comparing App2Food Fees vs. Pricing




Pricing of App2Food

In terms of pricing, App2Food is unbeatable so far. Aspiring restaurants can access a custom-built website for $0. The unrealistic offer is exclusively available for early users at App2Food.

The no-cost offer will include a free website and free business setup. Menu uploading will also be free, and no extra charge will be asked. Above all, the most interesting thing you notice in this price section is that “branded iOS or Android app” is also covered in this free offering.

It isn’t click bait, but a limited-time offer you can’t miss out on. Even the pricing section of the company is sharing market insight. Most online ordering system providers are charging anything between $149 and $199 per month for their services. Extra fees may be charged for website building.

However, you even have aggregators as alternatives, but their 30%–40% transaction charges suck. Some aggregators charge fees from only restaurant sides, and some also charge fees from customers as well. Pricing


Pricing of Owner

Basically, it is unclear how much Owner charges for its online ordering system and services. But one thing is certain: the platform isn’t free. You pay something to access the owner’s services.

However, because modern clients never trust anyone too easily and will never purchase a service until they are completely satisfied with it, the company provides clients with a “Free Demo” option.

In this 20-minute demo, you are provided a glimpse of how works, what services you will access, and how it will benefit your business.

Once the Owner understands the business model, it will provide the best pricing offer for your restaurant. As you can see in the visual above, you will have to enter your restaurant name before hitting the “Get Pricing Details” button.

Doing so, you will obtain an overview of how much you will pay the Owner for its restaurant services.


Online Ordering System: App2Food vs.




ordering system of App2Food

The free online ordering system of App2Food was purposefully built and is easy to understand. The overall business model of the service provider is exclusively intended to streamline restaurants’ online operations.

App2Food builds a substitute for private applications, websites, and aggregator platforms that are expensive and loss-making sometimes.

And the best thing is, unlike an aggregator app, you will access exclusive branding advantages. You can give your profile your brand’s logo and other personalized touches.

Menu customization is also available, ensuring the key to adding and updating menu items stays in the restaurant owner’s hands and not with a third party. Customers can even save payment options in the system.

Altogether, a well-working business model is given to restaurant operators by App2Food. Marketing tools like cross-sell features have been enabled and will be discussed briefly next.

Most notably, the online ordering system combines properly optimized applications and websites. This makes it certain that customers can access your restaurant from different sources. We almost forgot to mention that all of these are FREE.


Ordering service of Owner

The online ordering system for Owner is also working pretty well for users. But since most people get confused when setting up the system for their restaurant, the company does this task itself.

Simply give your restaurant name, description, and other requested information, and the Owner will set up the foundation of your online business plan if you are convinced to pay the offered price.

Upon properly setting up the system, restaurant operators can flexibly manage their day-to-day operations in the app. It may take some time at first to learn everything that is available in the backend dashboard.

But as you progress, you will understand it better. However, in comparison to App2food, you don’t get a unified solution here. You may have to access the website and application separately.

Yet, there are certain interesting things that might attract users toward the owner. Such as the upsell feature that brings related menus on the user’s screen as they check out on a menu item.

The Review Magnet, which allows brands to shortlist negative and positive reviews, is also noteworthy. However, both Owner and App2Food provide excellent marketing assistance.


Getting Started: Which Company Makes It Easier? or App2Food




Sign up with App2Food

Users that are new to App2Food and are trying the online ordering system for the first time have the option to press the “Request a Demo” button.

It will provide you with a pop-up asking you to schedule the best time to review the system. The demo will last 30 minutes and will give you a quick overview of how it will work in the restaurant.

You can choose any day or date when you are free to experience it. Even though App2Food is providing free offerings right now.

But if you are sensitive about your restaurant brand, this option might suit you well. Once you are done with the demo and believe that the system meets your expectations, head to the sign-up form as given above.

Upon filling up the form, you can start using App2Food. No worries; the set-up process is very simple. If you have your restaurant listed on an aggregator app, you might be well-versed in its overall functions.

You simply update your menu, give price tags and visuals with descriptions, and your online ordering system will be ready to work for you. Examine your options to ensure you haven’t overlooked a good one.

Sign up with Owner believes in giving even more personalized services to its clients. That’s why its pricing is also quite astounding, but reasonable sometimes.

Still, the brand takes care of its clients and respects their queries and time. If the customer isn’t convinced to pay for the service, they have the option to use the “demo” version of the system.

The 20-minute trial of the online ordering system by Owner provides a quick glimpse of the overall services to clients. The demo explains what features and benefits restaurant operators will have access to after using its services.

The set-up is done by the brand itself because it has been found confusing by most beginners. In short, a ready-made solution is served in place of a custom-priced online ordering system for custom-built products.


App2Food vs. The Key Integrations




Key Integration of App2Food

Integrations are an additional offering in addition to the main offering from a service provider. They normally come with an added cost. But here at App2Food, you can access this integration for free.

In the mainstream, the online ordering system incorporates fax integration, integration with email, and thermal printer integration for $349 one time.

Above all, POS integration is most notable. App2Food’s system can readily operate on almost every POS system available in the market. The integration is so smooth that almost every real-time sales and marketing activity will be traceable live on the mobile screen of the restaurant owner.

If you are one of those busy folks who hardly finds time to look after their restaurant operations, this solution is designed for you. The integrated loyalty program deserves your attention as well. The feature encourages repeat orders.

Most notably, with its special integrated system, App2Food facilitates the solid establishment of your cloud kitchen.


Key Integration of Owner

In addition to its standard services, Owner can be found offering some specialized integration. For example, the owner’s online ordering system can be used with any POS (point-of-sale).

Aside from this, some helpful built-in marketing tools are also offered by the company to restaurant operators. For instance, the restaurant funnel is an interesting thing you see on the platform; the brand commits that it helps you build up your customer base like a website does.

Review Magnet is also a notable integration from Owner, which lets users leave a review on your online profile that will be publicly visible to all. Reviews can build or shatter your online reputation, so you are advised to be a bit cautious with this feature.

The brand provides the key to handling in the operator’s hand. You can decide which reviews are visible and which are not. However, it can turn into a downside because, in unfortunate times, your business can receive more bad reviews, which may damage your reputation.

Apart from this, the built-in loyalty system has been integrated with the Owner’s automated emails. But it seems that these additional integrations might come along with additional charges.


App2Food vs. Owner: Customer Services


Customer Service at App2Food


Customer services of App2Food

App2Food believes in providing a robust support system to its clients. Therefore, the online ordering platform makes multiple “get in touch” gateways available to them.

The first method to connect with the company is the “on-site chat box,” where you simply type in your query and the robot or executive will answer it in real-time.

Additionally, email support and phone number support are available. You can even reach the company at its physical address. Alternatively, you can use the “Contact Us Form” to receive a call back or response from the company on your query. Customer Services


Customer service of Owner customer support is also quite remarkable. The company provides 24/7 support to its clients to make sure that any error or query is instantly fixed.

To reach out to the Owner representative, you have only two options: “chat” and “phone.” The details are available on the platform’s official website.

In addition to the support network, free coaching and monthly events are also launched by the company to help clients learn Owner in more detail.

The requirement is quite obvious after all; the brand features such a wide range of facilities and functions that it is sometimes tough to navigate through the whole thing.

How the online ordering system will work in real-time and how you can benefit from the other premium marketing tools offered by in the later processes can be better perceived through coaching.


Who Has the Most Innovative Mobile App? Owner or App2Food




Innovative Mobile App

App2Food’s online ordering system incorporates a well-built mobile application as well, in addition to the website. Not only is it a standard application offered at no cost, but its branded configuration for Android and iOS devices is remarkable too.

The application is feature-rich and available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The best thing is that the application has a smooth integration with the website. It eliminates repetitive actions.

What users will see on the app will be visible on the website too, as it is a hybrid model built to even empower the cloud kitchen ecosystem. Integrated loyalty programmes and push notifications are some additional benefits offered in the App2Food application.

On the other hand, Owner hasn’t launched an official mobile application yet. To date, the company has provided a web-based online ordering system. However, because Owner’s business model provides customized pricing to each client based on their specific needs, you can ask the executive whether they provide an application or not.

Before that, you must be ready for the additional charges that this additional initiative will invite. Already, the brand has a custom pricing structure built for each restaurant as per their business niche and overall size. Thus, this add-on might make the deal expensive.


Reviewing the “Additional Offerings” of App2Food and




Additional Offerings of App2Food

Cross-sell and up-sell features: In the additional offering basket of App2Food, cross-sell and up-sell features are noteworthy. The feature will advertise and recommend additional yet relevant products to customers as they reach the checkout page of their following orders.

Cash payments: Most platforms don’t feature a cash payment option, but in the App2Food case, the facility is provided. If your customer is unable to use online payment at any time, they will be able to pay in cash.

Save order details: Customers can also save their order details on the App2Food online ordering system. This enables them to reorder an item without having to conduct menu research. Some customers are frequent diners and are regular eaters of a particular meal; this feature is made for them.

Self-Ordering Kiosk: The smart solution will enable customers to self-order an item at your kiosk. They will simply have to select the menu item and number of orders, and upon payment, the order will be executed. The overall ordering system will be linked together.

Automated loyalty program: The automated loyalty program is a bonus. It eliminates the manual act of short-listing winners in the given loyalty program. The system will automatically decide who’s the winner, and a direct notification is sent to their device upon selection.

Marketing tools: SMS and email marketing are also available at no cost.

Cloud Kitchen Access: App2Food even helps you build a cloud kitchen-ready business. The online ordering system even provides you a competitive advantage in the cloud environment.

Tracking Tools: A restaurant operator can keep track of total business sales, expenses, analyze the loyalty program, and monitor every important thing at once.


Additional Offerings of Owner

Upsell Feature: To persuade a customer to buy an additional or related food item, upselling plays a significant role. This feature is enabled on the site by the Owner to benefit your restaurant from upselling marketing.

Email Marketing: Email marketing support is also offered by the owner. In addition to that, no marketing support is available.

Restaurant Funnel: The exclusive offering has been intended to convert the audience into a committed customer for a restaurant. The strategy is used by most websites online.

Database collection: Unlike aggregator platforms, restaurant operators will have direct access to data. They can use this database to formulate marketing strategies or to strengthen relationships with customers online.

Tracking Tools: The owner dashboard even features a database that provides restaurant operators insight into ongoing business activities. The sales the business is generating, the conversion rate of the following campaign, and other helpful information are traceable through the unified dashboard of Owner.

Customer feedback: Customers can leave feedback on your site, but the key is in your hands as to whether you want it to be visible live to customers on the screen.

Showcase Specials: You can even showcase special deals and offers in the special advertisement panels on your website. Simply put, if you’re running a special campaign for combo menu items, you can advertise them in these special boxes.




The review of App2Food vs. Owner makes it clear that online ordering systems are genuinely the future of restaurants. These systems are a substitute for owning a website or app, which aren’t just expensive to build but time-consuming too. However, it appears that Owner has attempted to eliminate that time-consuming challenge, but still needs to work on costing. On the other hand, App2Food saves you not just time but money as well. You can access your online ordering system by paying nothing at App2Food.