App2Food Vs Menufy: Which Is A Better Fit For Your Restaurant Business?



It’s not hidden! The traditional pen and paper method is still used across most restaurants, which will eventually suffer in this digital age if tech adoption is still avoided.

Well, “Websites and applications are expensive for our restaurant,” is the most common excuse, which might be pushing them back to those conventional routines.

But this is where the online ordering system comes into play.

By bringing innovation to restaurants, online ordering systems make the ordering process easier. Customers simply place an order from a website or app, completely unaware of whether it is a brand-owned platform or a systematic arrangement.

While your brand’s traces will be visible at the forefront, the overall technicalities will be the responsibility of these online ordering system providers.

Still, keys will be in the restaurant operator’s hand. All managerial functions will be handled by the restaurant itself, and this will also happen without any calculation errors.

App2Food and Menufy are two great platforms where you can benefit from online ordering systems. Both brands have been known for their significant contributions to making tech more affordable and effective for restaurants and startups.

But the question is: what should I select—App2Food or Menufy?

No doubt, the need for debate on App2Food vs. Menufy has surfaced. Determine who is more competent for your restaurant business by reading this article. Take a look-

App2Food Vs Menufy: A Quick Overview



A quick overview of App2Food

App2Food—the name perfectly symbolizes the online ordering system. How these systems work, and how they position your brand in the web world is well-defined by App2Food.

The main purpose of the platform is to be beneficial for restaurants and simultaneously helpful for customers. It is a place where restaurants can accept, manage, and process customers’ orders online.

These customers come to restaurants via a dedicated application and website provided by App2Food at no cost. The system comprises powerful software in the backend that eliminates manual activities from the equation.

As a restaurant operator listed on the App2Food platform, you are simply required to make an initial setup on the platform. Upon updating the menu and filling up the basic information, you hit the launch button to make your restaurant profile publicly visible online.

You can save money on third-party commissions by using the online ordering system. In short, it eliminates your restaurant’s reliance on aggregators.


Menufy by HungerRush

Menufy is also catching up with the great demand for its online ordering system. The platform, like App2Food, believes in minimalistic designs that do not confuse customers.

If you don’t have a dedicated application or website, Menufy will help you create one. You can get it for free from Menufy. The platform even makes sure that you save on online ordering costs. But in case you are looking for delivery services, a 12.5% commission will be charged extra.

You simply list your restaurant on the Menufy platform. Upon passing the standard criteria, the website customization key will be handed to you. However, the options are limited.

Simply list down your menu food items and change or update the theme and graphics as per your personal choices. Don’t forget to fill up the requested sections to make sure nothing is left empty.

However, compared to a custom-built website, Menufy’s online ordering doesn’t give your restaurant’s profile a professional look. Still, it is functional. You will be able to manage orders online and accept orders.

Comparing the Setup of ‘App2Food’ With ‘Menufy’



Setup of App2Food

App2Food works somewhat similarly to a website builder. As an aspiring website owner, you simply go to the dashboard, and App2Food will provide you with the quickest option to list your products online.

Without extensive customization, just fill up the empty section, name the required spaces, and update or upload imagery wherever it is required.

Unlike other platforms, App2Food won’t charge you a substantial fee for the thing. Similarly, you can customize your presence on the application. There’s virtually no limit to what you can do as a restaurant operator on this online ordering system.

 Outsourcing a dedicated developer isn’t necessary. There’s no need to hire an SEO expert for the optimization work. App2Food’s online ordering system will be fully optimized and smooth to use. There will be no lag or downtime; your online visibility will always be up and working.

Don’t worry about the other functions given inside. They work on automation for clients. There is no need to set them up separately. You can even request a demo to get more clarity.



Setup of Menufy 

Menufy’s setup is somewhat similar to listing your restaurant on an aggregator website. The online ordering system has a single, standard online interface.

Restaurants that are still using a free plan will have to work with this interface, which isn’t good-looking at all. But still, it enables you to list down your menu items properly.

However, not every piece of information is clearly visible or understandable on the interface. Still, it provides you with the opportunity to create your restaurant’s presence in the web world for free.

You will have to fill out the blanked-out spaces. Go through the website to make sure no section is left untouched. Before publishing, get a deep overview of your customized website.

Once everything is fine, hit the “Publish” button, and your website will be publicly available in the web world. Try not to put in heavy images as it can contribute to errors in your website’s performance online.

But the best thing is that both MenuFy and App2Food provide free setup of their online ordering systems.

App2Food vs Menufy: Who Charges What?



Charges of App2Food

App2Food charges are astonishing, but the brand is original and true to its promises. You can access a custom-built website for absolutely free!

It’s not clickbait, but rather a restaurant special offer available for a limited time. There’s no set-up fee. All clients will have access to a free website. On other platforms, $29/month or more may be charged if you ask for a custom-built website.

Apart from this, a ready-to-use online ordering system is provided for free. Integrations, restaurant marketing, and other services are also free for a limited period of time. A dedicated mobile application that will keep customers engaged with your restaurant brand online is also provided for free.

Most aggregators are currently charging a commission of 30% per transaction. Some may charge on a monthly basis at a lower percentage. But here at App2Food, no commission or charges are being asked from the restaurant operator.



Charges of Menufy

Menufy may offer a free website setup. But there’s a twist. Still, it must be appreciated that the brand is open about it. The online ordering system is commission-free for restaurants but not for customers.

Don’t worry. Your profile built on Menufy will be accessible to customers for free. But as an order query comes in and is executed, $1.50 per order will be charged directly to the customers.

It makes Menufy somewhat similar to aggregator platforms where a commission is charged from both parties. However, Menufy does provide an option to restaurants wherein they can opt to cover the fee.

Simply put, charges will not be payable by the customers but by the restaurant. The option has been carefully chosen by the brand because most restaurants won’t like to ruin their good relationship with customers.

It is worth noting that a credit card processing fee of 2.75% + $0.30 is also included in the payment terms. Cash orders are available on both App2Food and Menufy, and no processing fee is charged by either brand.

Marketing Tools of App2Food and Menufy



Marketing Tools of App2Food

App2Food offers a plethora of marketing tools to help you make your online ordering process faster and more convenient. You can enable this smart add-on on your website and app with a few clicks and at zero cost.

When it comes to the main topic of “types of tools available,” SMS marketing and email marketing are the frontrunners. These automated emails and SMS will be sent instantly and adequately to the prospective customers.

Whether you have recently updated your menu, launched an offer, or brought something special for your customer, you can generate an instant alert for them using these marketing tools. Most notably, QR code accessibility and promotional material have been provided to customers.

To ensure a customer stays in touch with each minor and major update related to your restaurant, the push-notification feature is also enabled in the App2Food application.

The most notable feature here that we found was that you can even secure your Google Listing profile, which is vulnerable to online threats all the time. All these are offered at absolutely zero cost.


Marketing Tools of Menufy

Marketing tools by Menufy are also well-noticeable. Compared to App2Food, you don’t see so many eggs in the basket. Still, whatever is offered by Menufy to restaurants looks cool and well-working.

The platform has created Customer Conversion Cards to help clients with marketing. It is thought to be one of the effective methods for attracting customers from third-party platforms to your Menufy-built platform.

This feature will encourage buyers to order food directly from Menufy’s online ordering portal instead of a third-party platform.

In addition to the customer conversion card, automated email and SMS marketing facilities are also offered. The feature will alert customers through an instant pop-up in their inbox as soon as they place an order.

Disclosure of Additional Information: App2Food Vs Menufy



App2Food is offering everything for free, but we can’t forget that it isn’t an NGO platform. By offering everything for free, the online marketplace is basically trying to support startups.

A typical website or application can cost anything from $7000 (the starting price) to a restaurant. But if you are seeking a more advanced option, expect the cost to be at least $20,000, if not more.

The App2Food statement “We Only Make Money When You Make Money” demonstrates that the brand will put forward its plans and pricing only when you watch profitability come into your business stream.

The real-time business reports and conversions on your App2Food dashboard will make it apparent whether you are making or losing money at your App2Food-built application or website.

However, the restaurant operator itself will be in charge of this dashboard, as the analytics will be exclusively intended to aid in business growth. Except for App2Food, your business data will be fully encrypted and unaffected by third-party vision.

App2Food partners with you in the delivery segment. In case you don’t own a delivery fleet, you have the option to be assisted by the food ordering platform.


Online ordering service

Before you start using Menufy, it’s necessary to get exposed to the real meaning of “free” before getting influenced by this attractive term.

The online ordering service provider has been offering FREE SETUP, and that’s a great thing. You can include custom design, and make menu entry upon domain registration.

In addition to website setup, the platform even provides business listing services, where you will be allowed to list your website on Menufy’s web and mobile platforms. However, a similar feature is available in App2Food’s Cloud Kitchen, and you must check that out as well. 

In terms of pricing, customers or the restaurant operator will be charged a $1.50 convenience fee. It will be up to the restaurant operator to bear this expense per order.

Most notably, digital marketing, print marketing, and food delivery services come at an additional expense. A processing fee of 2.75% + $0.30 applies to payments made through credit cards and major wallets. However, crypto currency is also accepted, but charges will stay the same.

App2Food vs Menufy: The Customer Support



User support

App2Food’s customer support is outstanding. Their representatives are responsive and friendly to talk to. Your call or query is never delayed until or unless there is a technical issue or rare circumstances have surfaced.

You can connect with App2Food’s support team using the given contact channel. Note down the company’s physical address to reach out to App2Food’s official address.

In case you have an attachment or something you wish to send to App2Food, you can mail the company. Alternatively, you can use a chat box or phone number for instant resolution.

Simply send a message on the “contact us” form and wait for the App2Food revert in case you aren’t comfortable with the given options.


Customer support

The support network of Menufy also deserves a good amount of appreciation. The online ordering system provides live website support. However, no email support is available.

But if you seek resolution of any of your queries or have some doubts that you would like to get cleared, you are given the option to speak and get answered by Menufy sales consultants in the native language.

In addition to English and Hindi, queries are handled and answered in the language a client is most comfortable with. Even though Menufy provides support in different languages, it is worth nothing that the brand is mostly working for US restaurants only.

If you are an expat who has been living in the United States and running a restaurant for a long time but is still not fluent in the American accent and English, Menufy’s particular perk may assist you in feeling more organized. 

App2Food Mobile App Vs Menufy Mobile App



Mobile app for ios and Android

App2Food’s mobile application features smooth navigation. The app is readily available in the app stores for both iOS and Android device users.

The overall layout and interface smoothly operate. Restaurant operators simply need to update the menu as they do on the App2Food website.

On the other hand, the restaurant operator has access to tracking tools via the application’s dashboard. Still, desktop tracking is more convenient and actionable.

If somehow you get extensive installs for the App2Food mobile app, you can retain customers in your business for a lifetime. Thanks to push notifications, a special feature of the mobile app, the user will be kept updated on ongoing App2Food offers and product launches.

The application features everything that’s important for a restaurant operator and customers, respectively. The overall theme and in-built features have been professionally aligned.


Mobile app of Menufy

On the other hand, the Menufy Food Delivery app also features a great list of functions to assist the restaurant operator in real-time business activities. Still, the application requires some extra professional touches.

These apps’ layout isn’t very professional. However, it is responsive and works well. It may not have worked as well as expected for the majority of restaurant owners, but a 3.4 rating on the Play Store should make things clear. Google Maps integration inside the app provides an overview of restaurants in its network.

If your restaurant is also listed on Menufy, it must be visible here. However, the app lacks personalized experiences when compared to App2Food. You don’t get any attractive features to update and strategize the menu.

For example, the App2Food application includes a category list, orders list, menu customization, setup notification, and a variety of other features that make the app extremely useful to restaurant operators. 

App2Food Vs Menufy: Key Integrations



Key Integrations of App2Food

POS (point of sale) systems are one of the critical elements of managerial work at dine-in restaurants. The tech-enabled machine ensures better inventory management, simplifies invoicing, facilitates quick payments, and most importantly, contributes to a better customer experience.

Despite the fact that online ordering systems are gaining momentum, POS integration is still deemed necessary across restaurants. Given that, App2Food provides smooth restaurant POS integration with its website and app.

But one thing is certain: manual entry will be eliminated by 80% to 90%. While placing an order, customer’s action will be recorded live in POS. As a result, an employee will simply have to supervise the machine. Make sure a better wi-fi connection with a strong tech-intensive mechanism is in place. App2Food online ordering systems work effectively with almost every POS device.



Key Integrations of Menufy

Menufy is also well aware of how necessary POS has become for retail shops and, most notably, for restaurants. That’s why customers can integrate the online ordering system with most POS systems.

However, compared to App2Food, you don’t get to see a considerable list of POS systems to connect with. As you can see in the visual above, only a limited list of POS systems are accepted.

More information in this regard isn’t provided by Menufy. But you can still contact App2Food for more clarification on the topic.

App2Food Vs Menufy: Delivery Service



The online ordering system features order tracking software, which is quite responsive and a cool feature. You might have seen this feature enabled on most food delivery applications. But here at App2Food, it will be free to use for your customers.

As soon as your customer places an order, the order tracking system will provide real-time updates to the customer. It provides them with peace of mind and even hints at the credibility and professionalism of your brand.

All restaurant operators will have the option to choose the App2Food restaurant delivery network. If you own a delivery fleet, App2Food’s overall system will make it more advanced and responsive. The restaurant partners with the famous US delivery network DoorDash. 


You can access delivery service at Menufy for 12.5%. The online ordering system partners with third-party delivery service providers. The brand is transparent. Aside from that, it does not provide any additional services.

But don’t forget about Menufy’s convenience fee of $1.50 per order, which will be charged to either customers or restaurants. It makes the product delivery relatively expensive—nothing too different compared to selling your product via aggregator platforms.

Also, a processing fee of 2.75% + $0.30 is charged on credit card payments and payments via wallets. Altogether, it makes delivery services fairly expensive for the restaurant brand.

If you own a delivery fleet, then Menufy might be a great choice. Still, it will not free you from the convenience charges and processing fee.


The App2Food vs. Menufy debate has answered your most pressing questions. Both online ordering systems match industry standards. But Menufy’s app and website are receiving negative reviews for now. Their application and website still seek lots of improvements. On the other hand, App2Food offers a professional dashboard and a well-built online ordering system. 

All these are absolutely free, which sounds a bit unrealistic to many. But the brand itself claims that it makes money only when a restaurant makes profits. Therefore, you can call it a strategic move by the brand, still favorable to restaurants as well.