App2Food Vs GloriaFood: Comparing Business Model, Setup Process, Pricing, Support, etc

App2Food Vs GloriaFood



Digitalization has made people accustomed to convenience. People want to get things at a few clicks of a button. Nope! We aren’t talking from a customer’s perspective, but as a business owner.

An improved user experience is a wish for every restaurant brand. But a well-established business ecosystem is a need in this digital age. Restaurant operators appreciate systems that make daily operations a breeze.

Systems that streamline their regular activities and centralize their business elements so that order fulfillment happens at reduced cost and time.

Luckily, all these benefits are being served by some promising online ordering systems, e.g., App2Food and GloriaFood.

Both platforms are becoming a leading driver of growth for most restaurant businesses. Restaurants are embracing an improved ability for the smooth run of their occupation. But there’s an issue.

You have no idea which platform is ready to be picked up for your brand. Both platforms benefit restaurants with an almost identical business model, but there’s still much to learn about App2Food vs. GloriaFood.

And this article is a source to get all queries answered and finally land on the best selection. 

App2Food Vs GloriaFood: Business Overview



Business Overview of App2Food

If you are looking for an implementation of a contactless delivery option and are discovering just the costliest alternatives in the market, App2Food has come to your rescue.

The first thing to note is that the platform is free to use; you don’t need to pay a single penny here. App2Food is an online ordering system and a best customer acquisition channel which helps you in attracting more customers and sales online.

By opening up the digital appearance of your restaurant, App2Food helps you cater to new and repeat customers in a more professional and convenient style.

The platform features an array of options and features that make order processing easier. When put in place, the App2Food system provides customers with exposure to improved user experiences.

At the same time, restaurant operators also gain peace of mind as App2Food eliminates the need for a website or app.

Getting listed on an aggregator platform is no longer essential for your restaurant. Simply create an account with App2Food and access a feature-rich online presence for your business.


Business Overview of Gloria Food

GloriaFood is another powerful online ordering solution provider. The platform is also providing free services to customers, but there’s a catch that will be discussed later in the discussion ahead.

Like App2Food, GloriaFood is also helping restaurant operators maintain an online presence. With the system, you can upgrade and refine your existing online image. Simply put, if you own a website, you can simply embed the GloriaFood widget on your website, and a well-built online ordering system will be created.

All you need is a custom domain, a hosting provider, and a basic theme, and you simply place the widget on your site. The kind initiative by GloriaFood eliminates the need for hiring a developer or programmatic expert who charges a huge amount for their services.

However, if you do not already have a website, you can have one built for you for a fee. After that, the widget will be embedded, allowing you to start taking orders online.

App2Food vs GloriaFood: How to get started?



Sign up with App2Food

It only takes a simple sign-up to get started at App2Food and roll out your first online store for your restaurant. Before going further, it’s worthwhile to note that the platform even features a “Demo” option.

As an aspiring member, if you have certain queries concerning the App2Food solution, simply use the demo option. By clicking on it, you will receive a pop-up on your screen asking you to schedule the date and time at which you are comfortable taking the trial.

Alternatively, you can sign up directly using the “Sign-up” button, which asks for just your restaurant’s name, the owner’s or partner’s name, the email address, phone number, physical address, state, and city.

Please read the Terms of Service carefully and tick the box to agree. Hit the “sign up” button, and your login ID will be created. Subsequently, App2Food will provide you access to your own website or application.

The process later will be all about setting up your online business. Add items; fill up the missing boxes with necessary information. Please keep in mind that you can create multiple restaurant websites for free. 


Sign up with Gloria Food

Starting out with GloriaFood is also a matter of a few minutes. The platform asks you to provide sign-up details. Just an email address, first name, last name, and a strong password plus the restaurant name will be required.

After that, you are sent to the GloriaFood dashboard, where you first prepare the widget or create and manage other systems depending on the types of services you have purchased or are using free of charge.

Luckily, it doesn’t take an extensive amount of time to understand the whole thing. The platform has provided some simple drag-and-drop features for the menu setup. Simply bring the desired item into order, upload, and update the needed items in real-time.

Once the widget is set up, embed it with your website, and app. All you need to do is copy and paste the unique link you created recently while setting up the widget. The link can also be placed on the Facebook page as well.

App2Food vs GloriaFood: The Website 



Website of App2Food

The website itself is the main source of attraction for App2Food’s online ordering system. The platform makes multiple features and functions accessible within the site; the key to handling each will be in the operator’s hand itself.

However, any error, upgrade, or maintenance responsibility will be on the App2Food team. You simply need to put the logo in place, provide your brand’s details, and list your menu; that’s it.

The site is fully optimized and features a minimalistic design with a layout that serves the main purpose with no chaos. The overall theme of the website has been strategically built to entice customers to place orders. But don’t forget to give all food items an ideal price.

The website is well optimized, but you’re still recommended to upload clear and lightweight images. Apart from that, everything is brilliant about the site. The most notable thing is that it is mobile-friendly and is integrated with the App2Food dedicated mobile app for a restaurant.

In a nutshell, your restaurant flourishes online through a hybrid model.  It’s different from aggregator platforms because you access branding benefits too.


Website of Gloria Food

The thing to be noted in this comparison between App2Food and GloriaFood is that you don’t receive a custom-built website after signing up at GloriaFood. But App2Food provides you exposure to all tools, apps, and websites for free. You ask GloriaFood separately to provide you with a well-working site.

Simply put, if you already have a custom domain and a hosting provider, you can connect with GloriaFood and obtain its pre-built theme and widgets to utilize on your site. It is part of the GloriaFood online ordering system and can be called the best thing for a restaurant brand.

If you do not already have a website, you can use a custom-built website from GloriaFood. The only disadvantage is that it is not free. You pay a particular fee to the service provider to get a fully functional website. However, whether or not the plan includes customization options is unclear.


App2Food Vs GloriaFood: The Mobile App 



Mobile App of App2Food

Loaded with lots of features, customizability, and smooth layout, the App2Food dedicated application is undoubtedly a brilliant gift to restaurants. It isn’t just a website but a system that’s meant to engage audiences.

The application has some interesting in-built features, like push notifications, and various functionalities for subsequent order placements. Simply put, the customer’s order details are saved on the app. Not only this, but payment information can also be saved by the user for future order placements.

Above all, push notifications and restaurant marketing assistance through SMS are the most remarkable. As soon as a user places an order or an offer kicks in, a notification is sent to the user’s smartphone. Subsequently, he or she acts on it, and you access improved conversions and sales in your business.


Mobile App of Gloria Food

GloriaFood also offers a dedicated mobile app for restaurants. Like the App2Food-branded application, the GloriaFood app also offers multiple features. With a great customizability, it is easier to update business related info and manage real time orders.

The application is lightweight and available for both Android and iOS users. Customers can place an order using their iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. All incoming orders are acceptable on the smartphone itself.

Via a special pin and log-in ID, the restaurant operator can access the dashboard, where menu updates and other essential tweaks to the online ordering system are made. Both applications are detail-oriented.

Such as, how many orders have been received, and how many of them are in progress and ready for delivery? Such important information is readily available on the operator’s dashboard.

App2Food Vs GloriaFood: Marketing and Promotional Benefits



Marketing & Promotional Benefits of App2Food

With an abundance of tools and elements in its marketing/promotional basket, App2Food never misses a chance to impress its restaurant client. The online ordering system offers tons of interesting things to push your sales up from the current level.

The mainstream is SMS marketing and Email marketing services that aid in the speedy progression of your business. The marketing channels promote conversion in business, which leads to more sales and revenue.

For example, whenever a customer places an order, an SMS is sent to their registered mobile number, which includes some additional promotional stuff that not only influences a person to make a re-purchase but even highlights the credibility of the brand in the big picture.

Since App2Food even features loyalty programs for restaurants, email marketing adds more stars to the whole marketing campaign you will be exposed to upon getting started. Apart from that, push notifications, QR code features, and various other marketing tools are offered to restaurant operators by App2Food for free.


Marketing & Promotional Benefits of Gloria Food

On the other side, GloriaFood’s online ordering system doesn’t come with any such additional benefit. Yet, its Facebook ordering system is quite remarkable. The platform provides special tools and widgets for the Facebook page integration.

Through a unique link, all of your customers are transformed into GloriaFood’s customers. The Facebook ordering system is free to use. Paying a substantial amount of commission isn’t required. And the best thing is, all orders placed via Facebook, the website, or the app will be centralized.

Aside from that, if you want to use any other marketing tool, you will have to pay an extra US$ 19 per month. The premium plan helps you run multiple promotions like a pro. But whether or not email services or SMS marketing are covered is a bit unclear for now.

Still, one thing is quite apparent: App2Food is doing a great job in marketing by offering everything for free. On the contrary, you pay some charges in GloriaFood to reap the offer.

App2Food vs GloriaFood: Order Confirmation 


Order Confirmation of App2Food

App2Food’s online ordering system provides the restaurant operator flexibility in order management. Simply put, the platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard, easy access via a dedicated App2Food application, and a website for the restaurant operator.

Alternatively, the platform’s integration with multiple POS systems makes the whole thing even more straightforward to access. Orders can be managed seamlessly thanks to the App2Food systems’ seamless integration.

The platform provides a complete eco-system for order management. A restaurant kiosk ordering facility is also available, which will improve the dine-in facilities of your restaurant. Not just the operator will confirm the order, but the customer itself will confirm it via SMS and email notification.

App2Food’s online ordering system has made a concrete effort to provide a comprehensive solution. It provides a comfortable interface for order management. Not only is it comfortable, but it is secured as well. Starting with the log-in process, each operator’s online business is kept secure.


Order Confirmation of Gloria Food

GloriaFood’s order management is also quite good. As soon as your website is ready to launch online, the key to managing orders is transferred into your hands. Orders can be received, confirmed, and reviewed using your own smartphones and tablets.

The online ordering system helps you track all your orders right from your smartphone. Like App2Food, activities involved in GloriaFood systems are also centralized. Order management takes place through a single interface, whether the customer comes from the restaurant’s own website or GloriaFood’s online ordering system.

No special device is needed to get insight into orders and related metrics. You can accept incoming orders from your smartphone. How many orders have been received, how many are being processed, and how many have been completed so far? All such things are readily available on the dashboard.

POS system integration is also available. But the topic is confidential. What POS systems can be linked with the GloriaFood order management solution is unclear for now. Furthermore, there is no dedicated restaurant POS solution. 

App2Food Vs GloriaFood: The Pricing


Pricing of App2Food

In terms of pricing, App2Food is ruling the online ordering market. The brand is the only online ordering system provider providing free access to every solution for restaurants.

App2Food is a commission-free online ordering system. It is free to operate your restaurant online at App2Food.

The set-up fee is zero, and launching a website is also free of charge. Running an online ordering system is also free, regardless of how many brands you have. On the market, most competitors are charging $399 commission for all services that a brand provides.

A business listing on restaurant aggregator platforms also invites a 30% transaction fee. But here at App2Food, neither the restaurant operator nor its customers will be charged for the service. In case you have any doubt, you can access a free trial.

However, some additional promotional services can be accessed at certain undisclosed prices, but it is an optional choice.


Pricing of Gloria Food

The pricing structure of GloriaFood is astonishing. Not everything is simplified on the online ordering system. The company does provide free services, but this no-cost facility is available only for limited tools and features. The rest of the services are kept in the additional pricing section.

If we talk about the free service, there’s no limit on orders. You can accept and execute unlimited orders at the same time. Per order, no commission and a monthly fee are charged by GloriaFood.

There is no set-up fee, and there are no hidden charges because charges have been disclosed by the company itself. Information on the topic has been covered next in the article.

Additional Costing

Additional costing service of Gloria Food

As you can see in the visuals above, these are the additional charges paid by GloriaFood customers. It goes like this: GloriaFood has no dedicated online payment system, so the brand charges US $29 per month for online or credit card payment services.

You can also access advanced promotional marketing for US$19 per month. A sales-optimized website can be obtained for $9 per month and a branded mobile application for $59 per month. This turns out to be quite annoying for customers, as it makes GloriaFood’s free offers meaningless.

In reality, GloriaFood isn’t a free online ordering system. You pay a certain commission on a per-month basis.

The catch

The Catch - commission on a per month basis

Another thing you will notice about the GloriaFood offering is that the company will not provide you with a 360-degree solution. Doing so might compel the service provider to increase the rate charged for the service. That’s why GloriaFood’s platform is built around do-it-yourself principles.

It means the operator will manage most of their operation itself, whether it is real-time order management or marketing tools and offers. On the other hand, most operations at App2Food have been automated. You simply need to give the system the needed inputs, and App2Food will take care of the rest.

App2Food Vs GloriaFood: Sales Booster Strategy



Sales Booster Strategy - App2Food

Loyalty Program for Restaurants: Loyalty programs are supposed to be the most helpful way to boost customer engagement at your business. That’s why App2Food’s online ordering system has paid extra attention to this subject. The brand has tried hard to keep your existing customers in your business by implementing an automated loyalty program that simplifies the tasks associated with reward distribution.

Customer Success: A customized marketing campaign will facilitate a smooth run of your loyalty program or any promotional offer that’ll draw more customers to your business. Not only this, you will also be able to track customer engagement and the overall success of the preceding campaign.

Restaurant Gift Cards: These digital cards are integrated into the online ordering systems of restaurants so that the restaurant’s customers order them and send them to their friends subsequently, which attracts referral sales to the business.


Sales Booster Strategy: Gloria Food

At the same time, GloriaFood has no such bonus feature except for table reservations. The feature is only helpful when you have a dine-in restaurant, as it will enable customers to reserve tables online through your website. 

But if your business has no dine-in facility and just operates in the dine-out and takeaway business lines, this feature is useless for you.

Alternatively, GloriaFood provides Facebook page integration, which might attract some great sales to your business from the social media world.

App2Food Vs GloriaFood: Customer Support



Customer Support - App2Food

Customer support is truly phenomenal at App2Food. Its website features a “contact us” form, live chat support, email, and a phone number to connect with the representative and get a solution for the service at the same time. Apart from that, a physical address is also available. The customer support team is super responsive and replies to queries instantly.


Customer Support - Gloria Food

GloriaFood has only a few contact channels to address customers’ queries. You have a live chat box to connect with a GloriaFood representative. Apart from that, the company’s official address is available if you want to physically approach them for the resolution.


App2Food and GloriaFood have simplified day-to-day operations for restaurants aspiring to grow online. With their feature-rich online ordering systems, both provide a wonderful and affordable experience for food brands. Still, GloriaFood here seems a bit off compared to App2Food. 

You can access more services, more features, and more benefits at no cost at App2Food. Whereas, offers and benefits from GloriaFood are moderately good because most services are premium and, most notably, some functions are managed by the user itself and there are no automated systems.