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Masala Kitchen Express

Client: Masala Kitchen
Skills: Restaurants, Online Food Order

Masala Kitchen is a pioneer in the Indian Restaurant offering a unique approach to the Indian cuisine and appealing to a wide spectrum of gourmet - focusing on fresh quality ingredients without comprising the sumptuous flavors that are the essence of Indian cuisine. Masala Kitchen is where the taste is the ultimate ruler.

Uber Bistro

Afshin and Jose have brought a wide range of talent and experience to their business venture. Having over 30 years’ experience in the restaurant business, Afshin and Jose bring impeccable quality, service and experience to your table.

Baguette Delite

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine warms up patrons at Baguette Delite, a restaurant from the former owner of Bien Hoa. Hot soups, rice dishes, congees, and sandwiches served on fresh baguettes make up the bulk of the menu. Diners can supplement their meals with tasty bubble teas and fruit smoothies.