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Our Story

App2Food was an idea that came from of few college students who wanted to help small businesses utilize technology better.

What was the first small business we looked at helping? Yes...That’s right, where we spent most of our time: at food places! We realized that all though restaurants are built on age-old principles of good food and good service, some needed little help taking advantage of the growing demand of mobile and web ordering.

When we started to research other companies and competitors we understood early on that they were offering restaurants a solution that was creating more overhead then value. We studied various restaurants, their owners and their staff’s activities to come up with a plug and play solution that works!The real challenge we had to overcome was how we can create a personalized solution and still help solve the restaurant’s hurdles in marketing. At the same time we had to keep the costs flexible enough to meet the restaurant’s needs. You would think all the odds were stacked against us.

This led to the birth of App2Food! We spent countless man-hours in coming up with a backend that is flexible for any size or number of restaurants.

The goal was to make the solution simple enough with little or no training needed but at the same time make it robust to handle larger restaurant franchises. Our foremost priority is the restaurant and its brand.
We spend more hours than needed to ensure the quality of the product and offering one of the best customer services in the industry.
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